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Would you dye your hair while pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I am 13 weeks pregnant & I have a doubt regarding dying my hair at this stage.

What do you suggest?

I dyed my hair at about 18 weeks, but never touched the roots of the hair. My dr said this was the safest way!

We never had a problem. I think it's a personal choice and you should go with what your gut says!
I dyed my hair with all 3 pregnancies. I did however wait till I was way into the 2nd trimester. All 3 of my kids had no problems. I think it's more breathing the fumes in that is the real problem so just make sure you are in a well ventilated room when/if you do it smile

I dyed my hair when pregnant with DS and I am currently 5 weeks and getting my hair done next week. My hairdresser uses an organic hair dye so apparently it doesn't have all toxin in it.

I always colour my hair when pregnant. It's perfectly safe as far as I know.

I think it's dependant on the types of colours you use. I'd avoid anything with harsh bleaching chemicals. i'm a blond but during my pregnancies I go darker and use rinses to maintain the colour. Usually it's all but faded by the time I'm due then a week or so before my due date I get it cut and colour it back to my preferred colour because I figure I won't have mych time afterwards. The other one I've heard is to get foils so the colour doesn't touch your scalp.

Iv been dying mine throughout my whole pregnancy i am now 37 weeks pregnant and baby is perfectly fine smile If you have any concerns just talk to your hair dresser
I had my hair done 2 or 3 times during my pregnancy.. bub is fine. I did make sure i wasnt directly breathing in unnessasary amounts of fumes though. I did alot of things during my pregnancy that alot of people say not to do, (worked until the day she was born, continued to ride my horses, etc etc) I did them sensibly though and bub is fit as a flea smile

You can dye your hair when you're pregnant. It's just a myth that it's harmful, there are very little chemicals in hair dye these days and not many of them get absorbed into your skin anyway.

I did with #2 as I refused to have any grey hair showing when DS was born (I only had a couple but was a bit irrational about it, lol). My OB was also pregnant at the same time as dyed her hair as well.

My hairdresser is also a friend of mine and she says it is not harmful at all. She has coloured many pregant ladies hair, and worked with pregnant ladies who are constantly around the dyes and chemicals, and chose to colour their hair - and they have all been fine. I always colour my hair every 8 weeks and will continue to through pregnancy smile
I did once when I was pregnant I got a box fro the supermarket and got one with no ammonia....thats the one that smells like cat pee???.

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