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Teenage mum and wondering should i be showing yet Rss

Hi Everyone,

I'm 18 and i'm 16weeks pregnant and i'm curious when did everyone else start showing. I mean i know i'm pregnant but it so doesn't feel like it i just look kinda of on the chubby side round my tummy.

What's the earliest has anyone shown?? And when am i gonna get my belly! I'm just so excited about being pregnant i won't the whole world to know hehe.

I've just become an Auntie to twins who are so gorgeous and love them dearly!
im 17 and 39weeks pregnant with my first. i didnt start showing properly till i was around 20weeks, untill then i just looked like i'd eaten too much. then around 28weeks i looked really big. and now i just look huge! lol.

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. and congrats on been an auntie!!!

I am 20 yrs old, 18 weeks, overweight and not showing yet. My tummy is beginning to feel more pregnant than fat but I think everyone is just different and it all depends on how we are made up.

Hopefully you start shoing soon...Good luck
i didnt start to show until i was about maybe 7 months pregnant and my baby was 8lb 2oz, and i am quite thin

Hayley - 15/01/2006 Kayla - 10/04/2008

hi young mum_18,

so many people offered me advice when they found out i was preg, including when i would start showing. but i know everyone is different and didn't really take that much notice. i am 13 weeks on sunday and my belly is noticeable. i am only a lil lady at 5'2" and 50kgs when i fell preg. my normal jeans either don't do up at all or are very tight. i'm sure you'll have a tummy to show off soon babe. congratulations on your pregnancy. it's exciting isn't it!! xx

EDD 27/11/06

maya sian 2/12/06, ethan zane 26/6/09

I've always thought that teenagers, if you are slim, don't look pregnant until later..purely because you have very good muscle tone. When I was 16 weeks, it was hard to tell if I was pregnant or chubby as was al liitle over weight to start, and needless to say, not an active teenager!! but nearly 31.....

But that said, everybody is different, and I'm sure your blossoming now (if my theory on muscle tone is true..then you can look forward to being one of those yummy mummies with ease after the birth!)

Good luck...I'm sure you probably looked more prgnant than you realise. When you look at yourself everyday, you won't always see a difference. You could also take a once weekly digital photo and compare the results that way...
Hello smile

I didn't start showing until after 20 weeks and thats because apparently I have good muscle tone. Im 40 weeks now (yep still waiting for this baby to hurry up and be born!) and my tummy is relitively small compared to other women who are at the same stage as me, all to do with how strong your tummy muscles are.
I was like you, I wanted everyone to start noticing my belly and it was a bit dissapointing when people would say "oh you dont even look pregnant", so what i would do would purposely buy tops that made my tummy look a bit rounder lol, of course now i dont have to do that anymore haha

Good lucky smile
bec xo
Hi, back again...I'm now 32.5 weeks, and feeling quite large, as do boobs! I would like to say though, tyhe books and shops and midwives all say you should get a maternity bra from about 4 months onwards, which I didn't (partly due to money, and partly because they were ugly and partly because of ignorance..)

I have since bought myself a couple, and regardless of how big or small you all feel, they are very very comfortable....but do suggest you get fitted. Saying that, I got fitted in myer in the city, and thought they did a terrible job, and that they were terribly pushy. If you aren't sure if you are comfy, or have been given the right size, don't be pushed into buying one. I went to a couple of different shops to get fitted and ultimaely ended up at myers in a different suburb, where i received superb service and finally made my purchase.

Thought I'd mention this, because I didn't notice my boobs getting that much bigger as was too busy admiring my belly growing. My hubby kept telling me i had big boobies, but didn't pay any attention until i got the tape measure girls, don't forget about your other growing assets!

PS The bigger the shop, the better selection of maternity bras they have (and prettier colours). Also, Myers have 30% off of all undies at the mo....

...Being a teenager might put you off a maternity bra as they are rather industrial, but do have a look though, there really are some pretty ones out there! Good luck.
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