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ouchh!!!! Lock Rss

Hi ladies, im 38+3 weeks pregnant with my second, and as from today occasionally when i get up or move or try to do anything I just have to sit back down as it feels like babys head is trying to nuzzle out it cripples me, i dont remember this with my first. has anyone felt this and was it prior to them going in labour?
Hi, im 37 +2 and ive been geting the same feeling. Its feels like the head is trying to push through, i have to stand still or sit back down. Also didnt get it with my first. I think it may b because its my second so everything is a bit softer down their.
Heres hoping it means labour isnt to far away!
i had something similar with my first it also felt like i was burning down there that night my waters broke
I had these with my fourth, was happening when ever I on my feet a lot. Didn't go into labor and made it to the date of my booked c-section at 38+3:)

It's normal to feel that, especially after you've had more than one bub. Good luck with your labour smile

i had this feeling to started at about 38 weeks i was hoping it meant baby was on her way but she still came 11 day late
thanks ladies, i had my baby 9 days after writing this post smile 2 days before my due date
thankyou smile Her name is Grace! shes perfect in every way and is a total breeze compared to her sister as a baby! wish she'd stay this small!
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