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Early Labour... Lock Rss

Hi all!
I went into early labour last week at 35 weeks preg. The doctors gave me nifedipine to try and stop the contractions and I needed a second dose an hour later. Lucky for me and bubs the contractions stopped. I am now on strict rest at home (pretty hard with a toddler around) as the doctors wanted me to reach the 36 week mark as that is the 'safe zone' that they will deliver, as i am in a country town and would have had to have gone to the major city to deliver if the muscle relaxants didnt work.
I was wondering if anyone else out there has been through the same and how long after taking the muscle relaxants they went back into labour?
I have been quite sensitive since, and really uncomfertable. I had a check up app yesterday and the doctors are all happy with how i am and bubs is.
I had only one injection at 35 weeks when i went into labour. It lasted a week and because my waters broke the second time i had to have the baby.

Sadly, and this doesn't the same will happen, my daughter passed away while in labour.
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