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Over 40 and pregnant Lock Rss

Hello. I'm 42 and happily pregnant with bub 2.

Are there any other ladies who are over 40 and want to chat about pregnancy in your 40's? Or does anyone know of a forum on here that has already been started? Not that I actually feel my age....more like late 20's quite frankly...

Thanks, Jules!
Hi ladies.
Has anyone done CVS testing or amnio only on the basis of your age? I have no prior history etc with disabilities etc and have to decide this week whether to get CVS done. But, when I had my last bub in my late 30's, CVS and amnio testing were never mentioned. It's such a hard decision, as I've heard that the risk of an abnormality is 1 in 100, but the risk of miscarriage due to the procedure is also 1 in 100. Sounds to me like I've got a 99% chance of everything being fine. I know lots of women who would abort their baby if it had Downs Syndrome, but I think I'd be ok with Downs. However, it's the thought of what I would consider more serious conditions that makes me wonder if I should have the testing. Yet, after seeing the pics of how my bub is growing each week, I wonder if I could abort at all. Gosh, I hope I don't have to face that decision.

Any advice?

Hi, my advice would be to get the scan and blood test done first and then cross that road if you need to. I am 36 and that automatically put my percentage risk way up since having my last babies, though once I'd done the scan and bloods the numbers came out just as good as they did the first few times. I also have a friend who just had her third bub at 40 and her results also came back good after the scan and bloods alone. It's hard not to think ahead, but my advice is just to take one step at a time. X


I received a very big surprise on my 43rd birthday. I concieved baby number 5. Although a little shocked, we are over the moon to be expecting another baby in August.

I am currently very daunted by the facts and figures regarding possible issues and the amount of tests I may require due to my age. But I'm with you Emily one step at a time.. smile

Wow, pregnancy number 5! Congratulations to KimE and Sal5 !!! I was reading somewhere that our chances of getting pregnant over 40 is only about 11% and after 43 it plummets further, so well done to all of us!

Good luck Sal5 with your 12 week scan. I still have a few more weeks to wait until that's awful having to wait as its too early (as we all know) to feel the bub kicking yet and just have to hope all is well in there. It's always such a relief to find out everything is fine. I think given our ages we all know the bad stuff that can happen and it's always in the back of my mind...what if ....I'm still struggling whether to get amnio done or not. I read that amnio can be done much later in the pregnancy (like after 30weeks) if you just want to know what you are in for but have no plans to terminate. I don't know if my OB offers that though.

At this stage I'm more worried about getting a lecture about being overweight at the start of this pregnancy. At the start of my last (full term) pregnancy I was super fit, 8 kilos lighter, exercised 6 times a week up until 3 weeks before my due date, and STILL put on 16kilos. Goodness only knows how huge I'll get with this one now that I'm starting out overweight!! However, still doing 6 gym classes a week so hopefully that will keep all the ailments like diabeties at bay. Anyone else struggling with the idea of getting so big again? Not that I want to sound ungrateful - I feel incredibly blessed that we were able to fall pregnant again at age 42. My husband thinks he's a real stud ha ha

Best wishes to you all. Jules
No cravings yet, but in my last pregnancy I was crazy for watermelon. It was nuts - at one stage I was eating a 1/6 of a watermelon per day!!! Everyone in the family was sent out at some stage to find watermelon! My OBGYN said I was craving the vitamin c due to some part of the baby's growth stage.

Can anyone tell me, how do you NOT put on weight while pregnant? I've read that if you are overweight you should only 'aim' to put on 7-10kg. How on earth do you 'do' that, other than eat super healthy and not give into crazy cravings like mine above?

Sal5, I reckon if you want to play tennis, go for it. You ought to be fine if you are only playing singles, as you are unlikely to run into anything (like a partner if playing doubles). I think your body will tell you if it doesn't like tennis. I did Les Mills gym classes right up until 3 weeks before my due date and loved it. I did find I had to modify some of the positions, but my physio was a great help in recommending how to modify things (including how to lay down to do bench press - something to do with an artery that runs down the right buttock/leg area).
Good luck with your 12 week ultrasound today!! Hope it reveals that all is well with your bub. I have mine in about 3 weeks and I too am feeling nervous about it. Good luck!
Hi ladies,

Congrats to all of you smile Its so nice to find some other mums over 40..

My other children are DD 21 (due to have my grandbaby april this year), DD 17, DD 16, DS 4.

I had a dating scan lasts week, it was such a relief to see our little jellybean and the heartbeat. Im now due 9/9/13. Have my first OB visit on Tuesday, just a little nervous as I know the discussions will be around the increased risks etc...

Good luck everyone smile

Hi Sal

So pleased to hear your scan went well.. smile I hope we are all worrrying/concerned for no reason other than the stats are against us due to age..

How accurate is the amnio tests?? Or are they likely to come back with more odds??

Ouchi Sal, nothing worse than a pounding headache sad Hope the pandol helps..

My first visit with OB is on Monday, I'll certainly ask the question for us and let you know smile

Hi ladies,

Is anyone else super tired? I'm finding I'm tired all afternoon and can hardly keep my eyes open after 9pm. I'm sure I'm more tired than in my last pregnancy, although maybe it's typical of week 9 (and week 7 and 8???). Anyone have any energy-boosting advice?

Ha ha yes a nana-nap each arvo is just what I need!!!
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