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Anyone found out bubs gender at 16 weeks? Lock Rss

Hey I have made an appointment for a 3d/4d ultrasound that say at 16 weeks they will tell you the sex of bub. I was just wondering if anyone has found out the gender of bub at 16 weeks. Apparently this place guarantees you they will be able to tell if bub is a boy or girl from 16 weeks I so hope they can I'm getting way to impatient lol smile


I found out at 19 weeks with a normal ultrasound.but they couldn't see anything at 16 weeks.but with a 3d/4d one they probz will be able to tell you

I found out at my 12 week scan. They did an early 3d scan for me and she said its a boy but just to be sure we waited for the 18 week scan and she was right!
I found out at 16 weeks with DD. I was impatient too! grin The place I went to also guaranteed their accuracy. She wasn't in a good position, so they had me wait and put an ice-pack on my belly to convince her to move lol

It was as clear as day on the standard ultrasound, confirmed at 20 weeks.
i found out at 18 weeks but i had a friend who found out at 16+5 weeks

Thank you for your replies smile my scan is booked for tomorrow then I have my 19 week scan in 3 weeks so I will defiantly double check at the 19 week scan if bub is a girl or boy. Im so excited!!!!!


I found out gender of my little one at 12 weeks smile Ultrasound tech said he was able to see and asked DF and I if we wanted to know. He said a little girl and was right smile
I found out at 15 weeks I was having a girl went for a 3D scan at first photo in perth city smile xxx
I found out about 15 weeks 5 days so i was just off two days from 16 weeks and she told me it was deffinetly a girl i was expecting it to be a boy next time i went for another scan i didnt tell them what i was told she was and they also said deffiently a girl. Im 28 weeks now so she was correct as ive been to more and they cant find any boy bits in sights:)
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