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Bigger babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I'm 7 weeks pregnant with our second and secretly freaking out about having another big baby. My DD was 9 pounds. Big babies are heredity in my hubbies family. I am of course eating well apart from the odd chocolate here n their but it got me thinking is there anyway I can reduce the size of this baby by diet or anything else. Any1 else have larger babies!!!
Ha ha I really hope not!! My daughter was 5 days early to. Imagine if she was on time sad
My first was 2 weeks late and weighed 9lb 12oz, second was 2 weeks early and weighed 7lb 5oz.I. did eat a bit better with dd2 (more fruit etc) but not much difference. Dd3 was 8lb and dd4 was 9lb and they were also 2 weeks early also gained the same amount of weight with last 3. Don't think there is much u can do to change size of baby:)

The birth weights varied for me. My first was 4140g, second 4060g, third 4320g, fourth child 4240g. All were around the same dates for lateness.

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