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  5. Had our gender scan at 16 weeks the result....

Had our gender scan at 16 weeks the result.... Lock Rss

We are expecting another boy smile I was hoping for a girl as this will be our last baby but I couldn't be any happier with our little man at least ds will have a brother smile


lol i can only imagine. i just love the beautiful little dresses and shoes you can get for girls...maybe i could change my fiances mind about not having anymore lol


Congratulations to you and your partner. Your little man will love a little brother. I do know how you feel. I was desperately hoping for another girl and ended up with a boy. After the scan I was really disappointed. Now I wouldn't change him for the world. All will be fine.

I definatly wouldnt change it for anything every baby is a precious miracle and im so greatful to be having another baby whether its a girl or boy smile


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