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All Day Sickness Lock Rss

Hi every one just wondering if anyone else is suffering from morning sickness from the moment i wake up in the morning till i go to bed i feel horribly sick in the stomach i am vomiting all the time headaches feelng dizzy its nearly unbearable i have tried eating smaller portions,ginger,sea bands nothing seems to help. I am 11 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I would love to hear any suggestions that may help thanx.
Hey i had exactly the same thing the only thing that i found that worked was. Metoclopramide which the midwife prescribed me which worked great. Hope its passes soon

If its really bad I would speak to your doctor their is meds that you can take and are safe while pregnant I have had ms in my last 2 pregnancies and my current one also I'm still once or twice a day visiting my toilet to unload my vomit sad
so I feel your pain and I have tried everything nothing works
Hope it clears up in your 2nd triemester for you
Thanks girls if it doesnt ease soon i will definitely be going back to talk to my doctor.
I've actually been diagnosed with Severe Morning Sickness (Hyperemesis) and been to hospital 3 times already for it in the past 4 weeks so I completely feel your pain..
Whilst at the hospital I usually go on a drip for a few hours (usually 2ltrs), get a shot of Ondansetron and also a shot of Maxalon.. We've tried 3 different approaches for at home so far and all 3 have not yet worked.. BUT.. the Ondansetron is the ONLY thing that does seem to help, even if it is only for a few days before it stops working again..
Nothing helps 100% but it does help to make stop vomitting so much for those few days, once it wears off, I end up being back to throwing up 2-3 times each hour and ending up needing IV fluids again..

I suggest you try Ondansetron... It is VERY expensive ($75 for 20 tablets - which will last 5-10days), but worthwhile if it gives some sort of relief..
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