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So extremely tired.. What are your tips? Lock Rss

Ok, so I am 10w4d and today I am absolutely exhausted... I just want to go and curl up in bed and sleep for the next week! lol......
What are your tips to give you some extra energy? Sleep is not an option until tonight as I have lots of work to do in prep for a fund raiser we are part of on Sunday..
I just need a burst of energy to get me through the next 5 hours or so... anything!!... lol....
From my experience nothing works for pregnancy tiredness except sleep. I've got the 'I'm so tired I could cry' feeling right now too. I find just sucking it up and getting on with things will get you through and then you can collapse. Procrastinating and dragging things out makes it worse. Having said that I now need to stop procrastinating on here and get what I need to get done. X

lol well said emily lol =) i was the same in the morning i gave myself a bit of time to get going then when i was going i got everything done as quick as i could so i could rest n "crash" all arvo lol
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