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Breastfeeding while pregnant Lock Rss

Hi, yes we were breastfeeding here with DD2 up until 4 weeks ago when we both decided it was best to start weaning. DD2 was 22 mths. She was only feeding 1-2 times a day though and my milk dried up really quickly also. So Ive been told if your persistant you can breastfeed right though, and the milk will continue to replenish and the child will have to like it or lump it so to speak as the milk changes to support the newborn but still offers plentiful nutrition to the child. Congrats on a awesome breastfeeding journey thus far grin

No advice, just wanted to say congratulations! How have you been? And I love your profile pic - your girls are beautiful! smile
I fed while pregnant too. The milk dried up a bit, but we kept feeding and then the milk started flowing again.. I fed her right up until the birth (including on that day) and it was fine. i was prepared to tandem feed, but she pretty much weaned herself that night. I was amazed, she went from 6 feeds a day to none and then only asked for it a handful of times over the next 6 months. She kept saying it was the babies milk and tried to teach her how to feed. Nothing like a 2.5yr old trying to get the baby to attach for you. Just like a little midwife, she would say "open your mouth baby" and gently push her head...

Sometimes I felt like I didn't want anyone to touch me at all so I would tell her that the milk needed a rest, or quick feed. There were times were my boobs were super sensitive, but we worked through it.
No need to wean if you don't want to. Just make sure you eat well and look after yourself. Its very draining being pregnant and bf.
all the best.
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