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Morning sickness Lock Rss

I vomitted 10+ times a day for 17 weeks. In between vomitting I was constantly nauseas. It's absolutely awful, makes you feel so exhausted and depressed. It does end, but 4 months of feeling like that is really crap. If it is that bad go to your GP and ask for some anti emetic meds, zofran is expensive but brilliant. Or try acupuncture or some of the other herbal remedies, might be enough to just take the edge off

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awww it will end soon smile How far along are you? My morning sickness lasted 10 weeks & now I'm 15 weeks coming Monday. If I dont eat first thing in the morning I will get nausuas so I make myself eat even if its just a couple bites of fruit. Congrats on your new bub!
ohh.. i feel your pain.. morning sickness is the absolute pits.. I am currently suffering from Hyperemesis (Severe Morning Sickness) and have been hospitalised 5 times in the first 12 weeks.
Things that may help: Ondansetron (Zofram), ok it is about $50 for a pack of 10 wafers but it does help.. Vitamin B6, small frequent meals even if u do feel like crap.. the minute u stop eating frequently, the sickness rollercoaster will start back up...

After my last hospital addmission (last Thursday/Friday) I am now on 6 different medications/vitamins.. the list is as follows:
Zofram - twice to four times a day
Stemitil - twice a day
Vit B6 - three times a day
Vit D - Once a day
Folate - Once a day
Restavit - one before bed..

at this stage the above list seems to be helping but generally all the drugs are only effective for a certain amount of time, and I can feel them starting to ware off these last couple of days.. my goal is to stay out of hospital for at least 2 weeks this time!

If you get to the point where you are unable to hold anything down (inc water) and feel absolutely exhausted.. get yourself to the hospital, you will more than likely be dehydrated and need IV fluids and some drugs..

I am currently 12wk+3days, and I don't see any let up of the sickness in sight yet, BUT, i am able to manage it with all the drugs for the time being..
Oh poor keeki I know exactly how you feel sad I also tried the blackmores morning sickness tabs and they took the edge off sometimes and sometimes didnt make a difference. My GP prescribed me something starting with M (maxalon maybe??) and this was ok, didnt make it completely disappear but made it easier to cope with and less severe. The only other thng that got me through it was thinking that as long as I am feeling like this i know my baby is still growing inside me. There were days toward the end of the morning sickness I would feel fine and then I'd be in a mad panic that something was wrong as I wasnt feeling sick anymore! No win situation! Hope it doesnt last too much longer hun GBH xx
oh btw... Just so you know.. if you do go to the drs and they try to put you on maxalon, maxalon is actually designed to EMPTY the stomach, so in most cases it does NOT work.. If you do go on it, try and ensure you are eating even more as most times sickness is made worse by having an empty stomach..

I'm down to the 2nd to last stage of drugs from what the drs at the hospital have said to me.. They have 2 more drugs as a back up if this current plan doesn't work, then thats it... My last hospital visit I had the dr tell me that maxalon generally doesn't work in pregnancy (unless you are only very mildly affected) so she doesn't want me to take it (yet the dr from the visit before tried to put me on ONLY high doses of maxalon.. sure enough it was only 4 days later and I was back in hospital...)

You may find that if you do decide to go to the drs they will try maxalon first and won't try Ondansetron (zofram) until they absolutely have to.. just persist with it and ask them for the ondans straight out if the maxalon doesn't work.. As I said, it is very expensive and I think this is why they try to avoid writting it up.. but it is worth the cost for the relief you will get... in my not so bad days I can get away with just 1 Ondans in the morning and nothing else.. but unfortunately I don't get many of those days...

I hope it all eases for you soon enough... This is my 6th pregnancy (3rd child if successful), and I've always got MS, but this one is by far the absolute worst I have ever experienced and I can't wait for Aug.. I'd love to hibernate until then though!! lol....

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a pm..
Have you tried MYLANTA???? I struggled big time with DD and DS with morning sickness and with this pregnancy DP went to the pharmacy for me and the lady told him Mylanta is great! It worked for everyone she had recommended it to including ME! It was a life saver, I was going to stop work i was so sick but every morning I would take the recommended dose on the bottle and id be fine! No sickness at all! Then every time I felt nauseous I would just take more!
It sounds weird coz its a heart burn medicine but seriously it worked wonders for me!!
Hope you feel better soon!! smile

I had EXACTLY the same thing.. This morning im a 7 weeks and have no more morning sickness. I feel full even though i havnt eaten anything this morning and the only i held down yesterday was a big mac meal and i didnt eat the whole thing. But it was a food craving. So try and eat something like that if your sick I know your not having the same cravings as me but still eat something that is really fatty and high in salt. I lost 4.5 kilos last week because i couldnt keep anything down.. including water.. and now i feel AMAZING!!! THANKYOU DH!!
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