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Baby Shower Lock Rss

How many of you have done a baby shower in 2nd, 3rd etc pregnancies when you didn't for the first etc...

I'm currently pregnant with number 3 and have never had a baby shower before but I'm thinking I would like to do one this time around.. We never planned on having 3 children but after we lost our daughter in 2011, we have decided its time for another bubby, not only for us, but because our son is really missing having someone to play with and he needs another sibling (NOT to replace our little girl as that could never be done, but we want another child)

anyway, so what's the go on baby showers for subsequent babies? is it not ok? is it normal?

plus.. throw me your ideas for baby showers... as I said, I've never done one before and only been to 1 before so don't really know what the go is!
I never had a baby shower for my first mainly because I didn't know anyone in the town I had recently shifted too. This time round I'm having a baby shower. I have meet some people that have had baby showers for all of their pregnancies.

My baby shower is going to be at a cafe, paying for a round of scones and coffee(about $7 per person) - Saves me having to prep food and clean house tongue

I'm a mum to 5 angels, 4 MC's and 1 neo-natal death, so I understand the whole idea of wanting to have another child, I'm currently 33 weeks this time round.
I say there are no rules these days! If you want to have a shower then go for it! My best friend had one for her first 2 daughters and is now pregnant with a third - not sure if she is planning on having one for this one as well. I just had my baby shower (for my first) last weekend and here are some photos of mine to show what theme and games I had. The onesie decorating with iron on fabric turned out quite well and then you end up with a bunch of onesies for the bub to wear as well. I just made some cupcakes and stuff and got my mum and mil and a few friends to pitch in with food and bought too much drink as it turned out!

I have also been to a high tea baby shower which was nice for a smaller group of people.

I was only talking to a friend about this the other day, how people these days are having baby showers for every pregnancy, not just for first pregnancies.
I didn't have a baby shower for my first. And then I did for my second as some friends wanted to throw me one. Then being a 7 year gap between babies, I had one for my last baby that my friends threw as well. Never were anything big, just close friends and family. It was good just to have everyone together and have afternoon tea and a chat, cos I knew once bub was here that wouldn't be happening again for a while!
I don't see a problem with people having as many baby showers as they like! Most people take gifts to the hospital otherwise when they visit, so why not make a day of it and have people bring gifts to your home instead of having the clutter at the hospital?
I've had a baby shower for all 3 of my girls.. Baby showers are so much fun! Games, food and company smile Id have one a month if I could lol. Shame you have to be pregnant or have a pregnant friend to have one wink

"Sing like no one is listening, love like you have never been hurt, dance like no one is watching and live life like it's heaven on earth"

Thanks girls, I wasn't sure about it, but I think I'd like to this time round... not a females only thing, I'd do a friends and family BBQ or something, but yeah, I just wanted to know if there were still rules about them these days?!! Obviously there is not!!

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