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When did you go on Maternity Leave? Lock Rss

I am 24 weeks this week and was wondering when other Mums decieded to go on Maternity Leave?

I am a nurse and my job is physically exhausting. I am already starting to look forward to leaving! I am thinking 36 weeks but maybe taking some annual leave directly beforehand- so maybe leave at 34 weeks....

I keep hearing different thoughts/opinions and I cant work out which option is good for me! I need to put my application form in ASAP

With DS I worked until 36 weeks. I work in HR delivering training all day so it was tough. This time round I plan to work only till 34 weeks. My back is stuffed from my first baby so doc is talking about popping me early.

I worked in Age Care when i was pregnant. I forget how many weeks i was ( cant be bothered doing the math sorry hun ) but i was due on the 5th of March and left work at the end of January. I just couldn't physically do the job any more.
I'm planning to finish at 36weeks....4 weeks before due date...
I pulled the pin at 32 weeks. I was still capable of doing my job but I wasn't allowed to fly anymore so I couldn't get to work. To be honest it was brilliant and boring. I really enjoyed sleeping in and kicking back and getting everything ready for bub. I didn't realise how much I was draining myself doing 12 hour days....but then I also didn't realise how used to my routine I was, I was lost walking around home all day. I ended up walking in circles. All my friends were working, so as relaxed and lovely it was. It also was terribly boring!
I too am a nurse and worked shift work 4 days per week DS1 before finishing up at 35+6 weeks. That was about my limit. He was 5 days overdue. I think finishing up anywhere between 33 and 36 weeks is smart, but its a personal choice. With DS2 I worked in my consultancy nursing role until 38 weeks, but then gave birth at 39 weeks. I week wasn't quite enough time to enjoy not having to go to work.

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I stopped at 24 weeks - I worked as a Barista in a cafe over summer, which was complete chaos and all staff members fell apart at the end of January and slept for 2 days solid, we were all so exhausted... as soon as I stopped, the leg, feet and back pain stopped. My physiotherapist would have killed me if I hadn't stopped about then... some of the advice suggests standing on your feet for 5/6 hours at a time from 26-28 weeks onwards is not such a great idea, but it depends on the individual - if you're feeling good and physycally able to cope with all the standing and heavy lifting aspects of your job, then you're free to make the decision on other considersations, like how prepared you are with getting the nursery ready and whether you need to consolidate bedrooms and so on. My GP was doing 12 hour shifts as a registrar when pregnant with her first child at 36 weeks, as was several other doctors at the time, and they all got pre-eclampsia...eeek.

I'm 27 weeks and am quite happy pottering through my daily chores, and I can just lie down when the heat of the day gets too much (rather than trying to keep working and not being physically sick in the process). I could not work as hard or fast or lift full crates of milk and crockery as i would be required to. The pro side of stopping early is, according to sleep-deprived friends with 6 week-old newborns, is that you get a bit of a rest in whilst it's still possible to rest. And you get some more time to finish that baby knitting! The cons are: financially it is not a lot of fun (I'm sewing cot sheets out of old flannelette sheets at the moment and we are living from one pay packet to the next), and there is the danger of becoming socially isolated when not working... hence why one should hook up with your local playgroup mornings BEFORE the baby arrives so you get a bit of support from new mums!
i went on maternity leave at 33 weeks. well technically i had saved up holiday so i took 3 weeks holiday and then straight away my maternity leave started. my job i stood all day everyday and it was so hard. i couldnt have imagined to work even a day longer then i did.

I work as a receptionist and deal with people coming out of prison. Whilst my job is not physically demanding, it is emotionally draining. I have put in my application for leave to begin at 38 weeks (still 6 weeks away) I would love to leave earlier but finances won't permit sad
I work as a receptionist and deal with people coming out of prison. Whilst my job is not physically demanding, it is emotionally draining. I have put in my application for leave to begin at 38 weeks (still 6 weeks away) I would love to leave earlier but finances won't permit sad
I will be 34 weeks on Tuesday and my last day at my office job is next Friday. I'm taking one week annual leave and going to the beach with my family.
I will be induced at 38 weeks so I'll be finished work for 4 weeks before baby is here!

38 weeks with DS and he arrived on his due date. Was a perfect amount of time for me with my first as I was neither bored nor rushed (although I am not a bored person anyway) and 36 weeks with DD. This was to spend some time with DS before she arrived.
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