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Hi Ladies,

Just wondering for those of you that have had or a going to have baby showers whether or not you participated (or plan to) in the games?
Hi Tarz, I had games at mine but didn't play.We had cadbury blocks of choccis as prizes an they were a real success and everyone got involved.I have been to showers also and played.They are daggy but everyone usually plays.
I am thinking about having a duck themed shower. So far I thought that we could give everyone a rubber duck as they arrive and they have to hold onto it, if they put it down then someone else can take it or they can feel free to pass it onto someone else, the person with the most ducks at the end of the shower gets a prize. Second game I'm thinking of is Bobbing for Ducks.. Just found this on the internet. I was thinking if I get a different assortment of ducks and put numbers on the bottoms (and weights) then fill up either a baby bath or just a standard storeage container with water and put the ducks into it.. Each person has a chance to pick 2-3 (haven't made up my mind yet) ducks out with their mouths (hands tied behind their backs) and the person who ends up with the highest score (from the number on the bottom) wins. Don't know how the second would go with some fancy pants in my family but I think it'd be fun to watch grin Just thinking of advising everyone not to wear make up. Still searching for more ideas!
The best game I have ever seen is where each guest brings a baby photo of themselves and every one has to guess who is who
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