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Over it... Severe Hyperemesis (Morning Sickness) Lock Rss

I'm currently 17 weeks and have been suffering with Severe Hyperemesis, I've been hospitalised 8 times already for rehydration and drugs to stop the vomitting and am on several drugs at home to try and keep the nausea at bay but it just doesn't seem to be helping anymore..
I feel like crap day in and day out, vomitting anything I eat or drink and ending up with massive headaches everyday.. I'm sick of it.. I just want this pregnancy over with so I can feel normal again.. I feel so guilty for writing that as I do want this baby so badly but how are you supposed to cope and continue to look after a 3 year old DS and a DF when you constantly feel so sick...
Has anyone got any tips that are out of the norm for helping me get through each day?? Something other than the standard morning sickness remedies as they don't work..
I'm over ending up in hospital each week, but at the moment, that is the only place I can end up as if I don't go, it will be risking the baby.. Each time I've gone in, the dehydration has been getting worse and I've been needing more and more fluids/drugs to get things under control (last week it took 5ltrs of fluid to get hydration back up)

Sorry for the post, I'm just so upset and over this and can't really talk to anyone else about it as no one quite understands just how bad this is..
im really sorry to hear your having such a horrible time with the morning sickness , i was hospitalized a few times due to severe dehydration but not as badly as you, i know where your coming from so dont feel bad for saying the things you say, im not sure if your into natural therapies or in a position to have them preformed but i had acupuncture done to try and help the sickness it worked a little with the nausea but its not one of those things that will fix it, changing to a high protein diet with moderate carbohydrates can help ( i know its hard to eat so this may not be an option ) short walks and drinking rehydrating drinks with electrolytes can help to , you can drink powerade or something from the chemist like hydralyte , also i guess this is a last resort but can you get in home care from a nurse so u could have an intravenous drip at home for the really bad days? i really hope that your sickness goes away soon and doesnt stay with you for the whole pregnancy , im not sure if this helps at all but good luck xx
Just want to reply to say i feel really bad for you and know what you are going through.. with my second child i too suffered from this and nothing made me really feel better... you shouldnt feel bad about having those feelings about it because people dont really understand how hard and depressing at times it can be being sick every single day with no relif unless they have been through it..

I hope it at least eases off soon (mine eased of about 18 weeks but returned later in pregnancy) and that you can maybe enjoy your pregnancy a little..
Try not to be afraid to tell people around you how you are feeling and if its getting you down smile xx
I know exactly how you feel. I was literally vomiting every 30 minutes when I was 7 weeks pregnant I was in so much pain from vomiting so much and was in hospital a total of 8 times. I was prescribed 4mg Zofran wafer tablets that dissolve on your tongue they worked wonders I was able to eat and drink which was nice after losing 7kgs. I weaned myself off them from 16 weeks and have been fine every since. Hang in there it does get better smile


I understand how you feel. It's very hard to bond with a baby when you feel like crap and you know that the baby is the cause of it. My hyperemesis settled at about 20 wks, I was really sick, but possibly not as much as you. I really struggled because I'm a nurse and was working with elderly people and lots of incontinence so the smells really set me off and the physical aspect of the job was tough too.

Next pregnancy I'm going to try acupuncture, I think it's worth a shot. It might take a few sessions to start to notice the difference but anything is worth trying right now!

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