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35 weeks preg with bells palsy and falling apart.. Lock Rss

i need a vent, all i have done for days is cry.. i developed bells palsy a few days ago... im 35 weeks, with number 3.. my other 2 kids r 5 and 7.. my 7 year old is mild aspergers and adhd..hubby works about 70 hours a week...
i cant talk without slur... half my face has dropped and paralysed.. no movement at all..i am slow to talk cos i cant think of my words i ffel like a scatter brain. i cant blink,, at all,, i cant smile,, i cant eat or drink .. i spill it all down the front of me .. i have to manually open my mouth to fit small soft peices of food in... my eye is constantly patched cos it dried out from not blinking at all.. i dribble.. i have crushing head aches.. i have no taste in my tongue... i sounds is amplified and moderate noise feels like a hammer over the head.. photphibia is severe.. walking outside both my eyes water and then i cant see out my good eye... i feel genrally weak exhausted me not well..
my kids get to school by my mum who i have enever been able to rely on as she is severe alcoholic .. but she see's im practically disabled and not touched a drink in the past 2 days to drive my kids.. but i fear anyday she will drink then my kids will hvae to stay home as i cant drive and have no other family or friends to help..
hubby gets home and does the full house work..
im so depressed..
this could last weeks or months.. how will i cope with a new born in 4-5 weeks.. (had both kids early betting this one will be)
i struggle to brush ,my teeth eat drink, blink, and see.. im so scared .. i just want to no it will be better BEFORE baby comes...
i had bells palsy 2 times about 10 years ago.. and each time it lasted about 3-4 months both times..
im so scared depressed and feel so helpless...
and we can only aford haubby to take 1 week off once baby is born..
thanks guys, yeah i should try call centrelink and firstly explain why im talking slurred lol.. this is one of the toughest times of my life and i feel so defeated.. i have crohns disease, which rarely plays up.. so im pretty tough and tolerant but this has really beat me down.. i have a severe case and the fact my vision is poor is the worst part and thinking of a new born in the mix scares me.. i feel like bells palsy had robbed me of enjoying my pregnancy being a mum and a wife.. and its probably going to rob me of the excitement of having my new bundle of joy.. ive been at doctors every day since bells hit which was sunday just to monitor my blood pressure as it has sky rocketed but we know its stress related cos every time i sat in doctors chair i break down crying.. covered my face cos I'm so imbarrased of how mangled it gets when im showing any expression.. i feel like this is robbing me of so much, and i am open about admiting its giving me depression.. ive lost a kilo in days just from not being physically able to open my mouth and chew my food..
im so sorry your going through sister had it for a while less then a yr ago..although to she was no pregnant..but she would have ths slurr speech, her face would droop to one side..she would get very bad headaches..after heaps of testing and being in the hospital for over serveral weeks with head scans etc..they put it down to her pill..she hasnt had a facial attck (sorry is what i call them) in a few months..although im sure its still there..i think the medication she is on is helping..which i know doesnt excatly help your situation..i wish i could just come and be of some help..i hope you do get to have the tiniest bit of enjoyment with this pregnancy and after your bubs has come..where in australia are you? sorry not much help to wishes for upcoming pregnancy..big hugs xx
I am so sorry for you. I had Bells Palsy after the birth of DS2 7 months ago (I think he was 3 weeks old when I got it). It was horrible but don't think as bad as you. Couldn't eat or drink properly, dribbled, couldn't blink, one nostril would run etc. I got a course of the steroid Prednisone and it went away after about 2 weeks. Also used two different types of eye drops, had the eye patches but I needed to see newborn DS2 in the night so I didn't use them. What treatment are you on?

thanks for all the replys, anirtak, im on no treatment being preg doc didnt want to do steroids and i kind of agree as they can make baby grow bigger, and my bubs is already 3-4 weeks too big for dates and this was picked up on a scan at 31 weeks then 38 weeks.. im now 39 weeks and very very very nervous lol..
iver had the bells over a month now, im getting use to living with it.. i still have blurred vision 80% of the time.. i think ive easily spent over $200 on sterile perservative free eye drops so far lol.. i have about 20% movement in my cheek.. my eye is still the same no blink at all.. eye is either drying out and stinging or having an over production of tears that are thick.. not an eye infection either.. mouth is still the same and pulls to one side making my speech quite bad at times..people at shops hear me talk n must think i have a disability..but cant complain cos at least my cheek is a start.. just wish it would hurry up.. i just want my blink back lol.. my headaches and facial pain are also gone and my photo phobia is now bearable and my energy is back to normal from being completely un able to do anything.. so defonitely on the mend.. feeling more positive and excited about this VERY close birth lol
I'm really sorry to listen to your story.. Better to join in some new parenting groups. They will provide you the best advice's for your problems... Hope you will recover soon.
hey axiom, yeah at night i have been using an oil based eye drop and an ointment, with an eye patch with an eye pad underneath.. days till my bubs is here.. so nervous and excited
Good luck! I really hope it all clears up after bubs is born, or you can at least take some medication.

thanks anirtak =)
Ah, crap! Hope that your GP and Centrelink are coming to the party for you BIG TIME - sounds like you are an amazing woman, bub is extremely lucky to have you as a Mum! Just a thought - have you approached your local Community Health Centre and/or Local Council (Community Services section)? They often have funding and programmes to provide in-home support for people who need it - not just home nursing, but housework, respite care for the kids, you name it. This is why we pay tax, so that people who are doing it tough, like yourself, can get a bit of a lift from community services! They should be able to do a home visit to assess your needs. Best of luck with the birth xxx.
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