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help... been in labour 38 hours!!! Rss

hey, ive been in labour for the last 38 hours and things are not progressing. the doctors wont do anything unless the baby is stressed but its not. is there anything i can do to help it along?? i havent slept in 2 days and my man is tired out from all the sex. is there anything i can do to promote my waters to break??? this is unbareable! anyone had the same thing happen???

I was in labour for 37 hours then they decided on an c/s because I wasn't progressing and the baby became stuck. It's very unusual that your waters haven't broken or that they haven't given you something to speed up labour. It might be worth asking to be put on one of those drips, they can help speed your labour up and your waters will eventually break. Unfortunately there isn't alot you can do to make them break on your own. I would suggest squatting exercises, maybe rocking and bouncing gently on an exercise ball to put a bit of pressure there. talk to a midwife, when I was having problems I prefered to talk to a midwife and get her to talk to the doctor for me. Best of luck with it all!!!

Go for a walk, also try to stay upright as much as possible use gravity to help put pressure on the waters.


Oh! Leisha
you poor thing, by now i hope youv'e had the bub!

Good luck with everything, and congratulations

mum of 2under2

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