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Is it common to be so sad???? Lock Rss

Hi my name is michelle, I was just wondering if anyone else experinces or exprerinced being as sad as I am all the time during their pregnancy?
I feel so horrible and although my partner tries to cheer me up it never works. I always look at the negative sides of things even something as little as my little sister getting engaged (she is only 19) I am unhappy at work but I can't quit just yet because we do need both our incomes until I stop work in janurary. I would love anyone's advice thanks smile

Michelle, WA, Rhylee 15 months bubs due sep!!!


I had times when I was down in the dumps during my pregnancy, were you feeling like this prior to your pregnancy?


Hey chellebelle,
I was very depressed during my pregnancy, i was constantly crying, as much as everyone wanted to cheer me up, i mostly wanted to be on my own. I'm still down sometimes now but i'm alot better now, i've had alot of help and medication since Rhylee was born.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

I have always been such a happy person and never had any problems before i feel pregnant.
I have a lot of friends but i dont see them anymore because i would rather stay home and sulk about stuff because i am so depressed about stupid things. My partner is soooooo supportive of me and will stay at home with me but then sometimes i hate him being there and when he does go out i get annoyed at him for leaving me!!!!! Am I going crazy or is this natural. My doctor believes it is just my hormones changing. I have tried doing different things to take my mind off of things but nothing is helping.

Michelle, WA, Rhylee 15 months bubs due sep!!!

There is a condition called 'prenatal depression'. We have all heard of postnatal depression, but there is information available for those experiencing depression during pregnancy. While you may not have this condition, some of the tools they recommend to help you throught the rough days might help. I went to and did a search for 'prenatal depression'. It came up with some excellent articles. It is more common than you might think. It is best to at least be open to the possibility that you may be suffering some form of depression. It doesn't help when we have such an expectation to enjoy pregnancy and have that constant 'glow' of health and happiness. It just isn't like that for everyone. Have a read throught the articles, and if nothing else, hopefully you can be reassured that you are perfectly normal and are not alone in this. Hope to hear you are feeling well and 'glowing' soon.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Forgot to mention it's called 'antenatal depression' too. esp in Australia. Try asearch with that name.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Yes I certainly do. That's me!!!
I am usually very happy and love getting out and doing things. The hormones that come with preg make me really depressed (compared to normal) and negative. This is my 3rd preg and it has happened everytime, now my husband just rides it out because he knows I will go back to normal the very second the baby comes out!!!
My poor husband he cops all of it.
Don't worry you are not the only one.
My baby is due Jan 10th.

mum of 3

Me Too

Can so relate!

i cry for no reason! and monday I just couldn't be bothered getting motivated and this made me sad too!

I cry too when I get mad at the cats for getting in the way! i am such a basket case!

Usually too I am a very happy person!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

This may sound horrible but I ma so glad I am not alone and there are people out there who understand what I am going through. I must say though this past week I havnt been quite as bad as I have been keeping myself busy doing up the nursery and going shopping for our baby who is due on the 28th of janurary (my Birthday). Thanks to everyone for their help and advice.

Wishing you all the best for your pregnancies.
bye bye for now

Michelle, WA, Rhylee 15 months bubs due sep!!!

I feel alot better reading all of these.
I am also due in January (18th) with my first baby (a boy), and have been having alot of down days during this pregnancy.. at the start I had really bad morning sickness and had to give up working. My partner and I were only together for 4 months before getting pregnant, so that has made it hard also. He is great though and I feel really bad for getting upset when he goes out etc. I will definitely get him to read these posts, as it may make him feel alot better knowing he ain't the only male with an up and down partner.



Hi all,
Your hormones do go a bit strange when you're pregnant. I had some bad days. I remember lots of times when I was laughing about something and then all of a sudden I'd start crying.... weird.
hey all
how are we???
well today i am feeling really reallyy good. I havnt been on in a few days as i have been in hospital. I had a tummy virus but things are going great now.
bub is doing well although we were a bit worried but i think the stay in hospital made everything better.
I must say I have been doing some serious thinking about the way things have been in my life up until now and i look back at them and think to myself why am i worrying so much.
I recently got given a GREAT book its called " up the duff" If you ever see it any were i suggest you get it and read it. it will do wonders to any one who is feeling a bit down.
have a great day

Michelle, WA, Rhylee 15 months bubs due sep!!!

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