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Is it normal to be suffering non stop headaches? Im 11 weeks pregnant and the last two weeks ive had either migraines or headaches non stop even waking up with them. I was taking ibeprofen till i realised i wasnt ment to be, ive started taking paracetamol but its making no difference
Have you ever tried a chiropractor for headaches? I did regularly for headaches before, during & after pregnancy & they do help me. If you do try one, make sure they know your pregnant & you might have to pick & choose a bit to get a good one! Hope they go away for you soon!
Thanks ladies, I've had extremely high stress this week but headaches are just hanging on and not leaving, will have a go at the codeine as i live quite remote i cant get to town very often but really wish i could give a chiropractor a go smile
I agree with a chiropractor i always see them for my headaches and do me wonders smile

My sister had a non-stop headache when she was pregnant for the first trimester and then it just stopped. Hormones etc I guess.
I had heaps of headaches in the first trimester too. They were horrible.

I feel for you. I suffer chronic daily migraines/headaches and when I got pregnant with my ds my migraines/headaches blew out for the whole nine months. It was for me a complete nightmare.

By memory I was taking panadol, panadeine forte for worse ones, codeine. I also just used heat & cold packs and tried to rest.

If your worried you should really try and get to a gp. I know you live a long way from town but maybe you will have no choice. Just see how you go and trust your own judgement on this.

Hi, I am 11 weeks too and having quite a few headaches, not as bad as you by the sounds of it though! I think it's quite common, although I don't remember headaches with my first pregnancy. I find panadol does very little for me, but I did get this roll on peppermint oil stick thing from the chemist which is quite good. You rub it on your temples, back of neck etc. Might be worth a shot? Chiro or physio sounds like a good plan too. Hope they ease soon!
PS off topic, anyone know how to fix my "tickers"?? I have no clue when it comes to technical stuff!

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I started getting headachesaround then too and they just got worse sad I spent nearly $300 about 4 weeks ago trying to get rid of the mother of all headaches (almost migraines) I bought new pillows, saw a chiropractor, remedial massage and physio!! They could get rid of the headache for maybe a day but then it would be back worse than before (it felt like my brain was trying to blow the top of my skull off!!) I was talking to a mum at my boys achool and she offered to do a couple pressure points on me...I thought no harm in trying (she's a trained massuese). Within 2 hours the headache was gone and it's the best I've felt in months!! The pressure points she did are the points where they do acupuncture so I would highly reckon someone who knows these pressure points (a really good masseuse should know) or even an acupuncturist (I'll be going if my headaches coe back!) Hope you can shake them soon as they are no fun sad
I know it sounds silly but panadol did nothing for me either. I read online that someones doctor told them to take panadol at the same time as a glass of coke or coffee. Something to do with the paracetamol/caffeine combo is similar to what is used in migraine medication. I tried it after weeks of non stop headaches and it worked! Yay! So now weneva i get a headache i take one panadol and a glasd of coke and it works a treat! Worth a try! Hope u find some releif, mine were so bad from about 10-18 wks its was horrible.

The chiropractor really helped me because i had horrible headaches in my first trimester. I found out a lot of it was linked to the way i was sleeping. I found the Snoogle pregnancy pillow really helped. Even though i had great pillow before my body just seemed to change when pregnant.

Thanks ladies, ill be trying some of these things out smile I'm nearly into my second trimester so hopefully it all eases up, but knowing my luck it will continue lol
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