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When did you leave bubs for the first time? Lock Rss

i left dd with DH for a few hours when she was 8 weeks, DH took her to MIL when she was about 15 weeks ( thats not happining again MIL force feed her ) she was 6 month when we left her with my mother for a few hours to attend a funeral, and she was 6 1/2 months when we left her with a freind to attend another funeral and she was 6 1/2 months when i went out to dinner without her and DH and she cried for two hours at DH ) but they are the only times i have left her as my father is interstate and she mother over feeds her ( her theory is feed them till they sleep) i would never leave her to attend a party she comes with us plus we dont realy have that luxury

good luck with harper

DS was about 6mo when we left him with my parents to go out for dinner.

DD1 was 2.5mo when we left her with my inlaws to go out for our 1st wedding anniversary dinner (was only for just over an hour).

DD2 was almost 12mo when we left her to go to an engagement party (I'm pretty sure that was the first time).

I don't know how people can leave their bubs at such a young age. I didnt leave dd with anyone (except maybe dh if i needed to go grab milk or something and he was home) until she was about 14 months old and that's was at my house with my dad and step mum for 2 hours while dh and i had tea for our anniversary.

Other than that I've only left her for an hour or two with dad, mum or nanna. The longest I've been away from her was when i went to hospital with Ds. It was heart breaking and i hated it. Especially as she got quite sick at the same time. Night time was the worst. I used to sit and cry because i wanted my baby girl.

She's been going to day care one day a week for a bit over a month now and my heart still drops as we pull in to the car park. Lol

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Each to their own, but not something I've's too hard when you're the Boob on Call for a hungry newborn, anyway. One night we had to leave DS as a newborn in hospital and go home, and it was agonising given he was so little and I was so hormonal. I spent the whole night worrying they wouldn't pick him up if he cried.

Of course, now he's 3 the very thought of dinner at a nice restaurant without him makes me want to turn cartwheels!
DD has been out to dinner with us been to pick DH up from work at 2am and even to a 50th in a fancy restaturant, if we go some where so does she, i have a friend who expects her mother to look after her kids once a fornight and i think that is just wrong

DS1 was quite old before I left him with someone other than DH, my mum, but the first time he was in bed asleep anyway! (I think maybe 16 months).

DS2 was only very young and we left him with our neighbours as we had to go to the vet and put our dog to sleep sad (it was such an awful time and we wan't some last precious moments with him without a crying baby!). He is now coming up 8 months and he hasn't been left again.

1 week old? Shocking!

7 weeks old, my partner and i went away over night to spend time together before he went overseas. It wasnt easy for me.. I cried when another baby in the resturant went off and i was eager to get back and to me that was way too early.

I left my DS for a few hours when he was 6 weeks old because I was my sisters bridesmaid but because I was Bfing, I was back and forward all the time. (very stressful I have to say).

With DD I was out and about very quickly as we had a funeral the day after I had her of a very close uncle so at 24 hours old she was at a massive funeral! Although I spent most of the funeral sitting outside in the sun feeding her. I also had a DS that needed to get to kindy etc.

Everyone needs a break at some point and an hour here and there can be a lifesaver. I got my children comfortable in a pushchair at a very young age so I could get out for walks and runs. Some people are happy to stay home 24/7 but I am not one of these people.
Dani + 1 wrote:
I say that if you can physically get out and about and take a break from your baby for a couple of hours then that is actually a good thing... you come back so much more refreshed and a more relaxed mum for it smile
One week old and overnight with a newborn might be a bit hard though especially when you are trying to establish bfing and bonding etc. In general its very much each to their own though, I don't think there is anything wrong with taking time out when you need it, the benefits for your mental health are huge.

I left my 2 week old with my mum for a couple of hours to go out for dinner with hubby for my birthday. We had a very rough start with DD and I really appreciated the break.

First time we left her over night was when she was 10 months old so we could have a night out for our anniversary.

Personally I think it's important for kids to get used to being seperated from mum and dad in the care of somebody trustworthy and important in their lives (grandparents etc). I think it's healthy for them to form a strong bond with other family members and it's healthy for you and your partner to have time together smile

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To be honest I think some of you are being a bit judgemental about this mum leaving her one week old for a couple of hours. Just because it isn't something you would do, doesn't mean it is wrong...

Like I just said in my previous post, we had a rough start with DD. I was exhausted, in pain and struggling to adjust to having a newborn. For me and for DH, it was really really good for us to get a 3 hour break, to eat a meal while it was still hot and together without the stress of a baby who cried non stop. I think if I had not had a few short breaks over the first couple of months then I would have had a much more serious case of PND. Just saying, some of you sound like you're questioning the committment of the mother for her choice and I think that is a bit harsh!

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I first left my daughter with my MIL at 9 weeks, while DH and I had a date night. We went out for dinner at a place close by and were only gone for a couple of hours. My MIL is awesome and I have complete confidence in her to care for DD as well as I do. She is around DD a lot and knows her routines, and even better - MIL respects and follows any instructions we give her. She is divorced from DH's Dad, and she thinks DH and I continuing our date night tradition after having DD as important.

The only time I felt bad about leaving her was at 10 weeks, with my other MIL (DH's step-mum) as we had a wedding to go to. DD had been really out of sorts and I didn't want to leave her, but I knew how much S-MIL was looking forward to babysitting. S-MIL raised a VERY disabled son and told me there was nothing she couldn't handle. And she was right. DD happily slept the entire time (about 2 hours) on S-MIL's chest. Which S-MIL said 'made her year'.

For me, I feel fine leaving DD for an hour or two as I have reliable people who love her to bits, and care for her well. Having time for myself or with DH is important for my well-being and I don't think she suffers in any way.

I am having surgery in a couple of weeks, and will have to stay in hospital overnight. I hate the thought of leaving DD for so long! But she will be well cared for by DH and my Mum.
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