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Is it just me... Lock Rss

Or does time appear to slow down once you reach that 30 week mark?
I'm the opposite between my younger 2 and their constant running around and tornado like messing up of the house and everything else i just realised this week i have only 2 months left yikes not long enough.

no way goes super fast for me the more I have ! This is definately the end of my reproduction days and lets just say 9 weeks is not long at all and Im trying to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy but I feel like I wake up everyday and its the next week already !! Just eager is the word, to find out the gender, see what he/she looks like, I love this time smile

It has slowed down for me too! I think it's just because I am counting down the weeks I have left at work... and I still have 8 to go sad

I have only just hit 30 weeks lol and it already seems slower. i dont think it helps that i have finally 'popped' and i am just feeling everything more :-/ lol I am sore and achy lol but i love every minute of it

I hope its like that with this pregnancy, its going by so fast that i hope i get to enjoy some slow parts in this pregnancy before it ends. And i enjoy being big so to me 30 weeks pregnant would be an optimal time for it to slow down.. But that is just me!! I love being pregnant <3

I think being at home doing nothing is what is dragging the time out. I just can't wait for her to get here even if we are so unprepared right now lol
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