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  5. 39 weeks.. would this be the mucus plug?

39 weeks.. would this be the mucus plug? Lock Rss

this is going to sound GROSS...
but last night i did a wee and before dropping the toilet paper in the toilet i looked in the toilet.. at the bottum looked like cloudy white discharge or a blob.. a good amount...
i had alot of discharge which is why i went to the toilet as i had a feeling the plug was coming..
i had an obvious bloody plug with my daughter .. but this time it had no blood so I'm unsure if its it.
what u guys think?
im 39 weeks its my 3rd bubs... im so nervous, anxious and scared of the pain of labour lol.. both my other 2 kiddies were a week early and my braxton hicks have been cranking up lol..
sounds like the plug to me! smile.mine was clear to brown.shouldnt be too much longer now

its school holidays here, (syd) n too scared to take the kids out out of fear labour will start.. dd was 1.5 hours start to finish.. luckily hubby works 3km away to race home.. i feel like lm going stir mad every day waiting for contractions lol.. waiting waiting.. i try take my mind of it n clean clean clean lol.. n check my hospital bag ten million times lol..
thanks =) i have butterflies im so nervous lol
Good luck, not long now, how exciting. Bet you cant wait to hold your new addition smile

Best of luck. How exciting.

Ooohhh How exciting!!!!! keep us posted (when you can of course lol)

hey guys, just thought id pop in and say im still preg.. eagerly awaiting.. anyday till i meet my little man.. cruz.. so excited and nervous! loads of braxton hicks n back ache...
Still sounds like it won't be long! Good luck! We will be waiting for an announcement!

Be waiting for the announcement xox

i had my bundle of joy!!!!! yay!!!! wednesday at 6.31pm..
labour was long and tough but i have my precious baby and totally in love all over again..
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