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Loss of Symptoms 10 Weeks Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Did anyone else lose or have fading symptoms from about 10 weeks? My nausea & sore boobs have decreased, still there a little but I think but not much. I haven't had a lot of MS anyway but it just gets me worried. Had scan at 7 weeks & everything was fine. Next scan is at 12.5 weeks.
I wouldn't go worrying
Every pregnancy is so different thingswill start and end at different times or not start or end at all.
Try not to worry. Unless you have bleeding or anything that indicates something wrong your body is just likely adjusting to coming to the end of the first trimester. Enjoy feeling better!

my symptoms with this pregnancy and my last went away at 9wks so i wouldnt worry, dissapearing symptoms isnt a sign of some thing wrong.

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