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Need some advise Lock Rss

Hi just found out that I am pregnant with my second . I will approximately be due on the 2 nd January . I am over the moon .

I was thinking about going to see the lion king in December 13 . do you think that is to close to due date to book expensive tickets .

I had my DD a week early and I m sure I will go early again .
To buy or not to buy ?
Will it be in the same town/area that you are or will it involve travel away from where your hospital is etc?
It will be in sydney two an half hours away
Precious Jewel wrote:
It will be in sydney two an half hours away

I'd be a bit iffy about going, can you imagine going into labour early & have a two and half hour drive to get to your hospital? Even 1.5 hour trip isn't very comfortable when your in full on labour (which I had with a quick labour). If you did get the tickets and can't use them, would a friend or family member be able to buy them off you?
Might be best to skip it .I had a quick labor as well. Hopefully they extend the season to march and I could go after
Oh & congrats on your pregnancy too! smile
Thanks has quiet sunk in yet but I am so thrilled can't wait to tell my daughter she is baby mad .
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