I am 5wks pregnant with my 6th pregnancy, I only have 1 child though, the other 4 ended in miscarriages.
I've been diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder, clots keep getting stuck in the placentas and they baby then passes because of no blood flow.
I've also been diagnosed with Intra-cranial hypertension which means the fluid levels around my brain are just way, way, WAY too high! This could mean that as the amount of fluid in my body rises, I could quite possibly end up with a shunt in the back of my head to allow for the fluid to drain at a normal pace.
We didn't intentionally fall pregnant! It was quite a surprise believe me! But i'm just so scared. I am supposed to be on 100mg of aspirin a day, but once I see my obstetric physician I will most likely be on daily injections of blood thinners. Only problem is, your'e not supposed to take blood thinners when you have intra-cranial hypertension!
Argh! So I'm really not sure what the doctors are going to do for me. It's all a bit daunting and I'm not even sure I'm really ready to accept that I am pregnant. "
I am just a great big bucket of nerves and stress and worry!!
If any ladies (or men) can offer any advice or if you have had similar problems during a pregnancy please talk to me! Tell me that everything went fine and smoothly!!