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pains in my vagina Lock Rss

Hi I'm 17.5 weeks pregnant and last night I got strong sharp short pains. Is that normal?
Depends what the pain feels like as this is quite early in your pregnancy. I what felt more like muscular groin pain which my OB confirmed was ok as things move around to make space for bubs. However if it persists ring your midwife or obsetrician and just explain what it feels like. I'm sure they will be able to give you a quick answer.

i just rang the midwife and she say's it's most probably streching or even the baby hitting a nerve.
she knew the exact pain i was talking about. she said keep an eye on the pain and if it persists or get's worse to call again or even go to hospital.
Good stuff. Thats pretty much what i had then. Sometimes its better just to be safe and call.

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