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At what point did your pregnancy become a reality? Lock Rss

I am in my 21st week of pregnancy and it hasn't really hit me till yesterday when I had my booking in at the hospital. And seeing all the preggy ladies waiting and the smell of the hospital my partner and I got the 'OMG we are doing this again' feel and look on our face. It felt so strange walking in there thinking we are going to have another baby there soon. Our kids have been born in different states.

My first it didn't really hit till she was born and my second child was the second I seen that positive pregnancy test, I was out shopping smile lol

When did your pregnancy become a reality to you? The first look at your test? a certain trimester?

with me it really hit me around the 20 week mark. we found out we were having a boy, seeing the ultrasound, him starting to kick and my belly popping all around the same time made it just suddenly hit that it was actually real.

With my first it didn't even seem real after she was born. Not sure if that makes sense. I knew she was my baby and I had a natural birth so I felt all the pain and had the baby blues etc. But it took about 5 weeks for it to really hit home.

DD2 it was when she was moving inside a lot every day so from about 6 months pregnant or so.
First look at the test! I said "oh, that's that". I didn't feel the joy until I told my hubby and he reacted well - happily!!
Yeah still not entirely sure I believe it actually happened and she is 4 weeks old lol.

When iwas pushing DD outnwas when it hit me

my first was an absolute surprise and I was shocked so didn't really hit me until my waters broke!!!!!! =)
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