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15wks and not showing Lock Rss

hi, Im 15wks nearly w no.2 and not showing. I don't even feel pregnant anymore, boobs aren't getting bigger, don't feel full/heavy in my lower tummy. I had a v bad stressful week just gone and am worried its affected the baby. I told my gp and he pretty much shrugged it off. Im 39.
I'm sure your fine. Symptoms tend to ease a bit at fifteen weeks and as for not showing my sister was in labor and you couldnt tell she was pregnant, every baby and person is different.
If you don't like the response from your gp maybe try and see someone else or go to emergency and ask for the heartbeat to be checked. Hope everything's okay. Goodluck. grin
I agree with the other ladies, I don't show in my pregnancies till I am half way and my symptoms usually disappear 8-9wks pregnant. Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Congrats BTW

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