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(company name) - disgraceful company! Rss

i no i shouldnt post it here but i love this section =)
i had my 3rd bubs a few weeks ago..

i recently bought some new (brand name) teats... one had a stretchy thin stick like thing attached to the end of the teat.. it looked like fishing line attached to the teat next to the holes the milk comes out of.. it is 5 mm long and stretchy..

i sent (brand name) a message online and their response was rude. uncaring, non concerned, they addressed me as a male and spelt my name wrong, i provided these when sending my message.. they totally twisted what i said and inplied i was unhappy with their teats in general and quite frankly disgusted me as its a choking hazard or if inhaled into bubs lungs could be deadly..
they just gave me another email to send my concerns too..
i then replied with more detail of this teat and sent pictures. and all they had to say was they would post me a new teat. this is disgusting. they never said they would do anything to stop this happening again..
im not over reacting .. i have shown my hubby mum and nan the teat and then the emails and they say take it to consumer affairs..
im appalled..

Moderator: The name of the company and brand have been removed in line with our T&Cs.
Thats disgusting. Bub could of choked on that or had something bad happen internally. They should have been more apologetic. I would be complaining to consumer affairs if it was me. xx P.S. Congrats on bubs

Ive only used my bottles a couple of times but both of mine have those on them!! I thought they were supposed to be there!! Eek glad i havent used them much and that nothings happened.

That's not good enough. Normally.companys are very apolagetic so that's quite appaling. I find you get a better response by ringing rather than emailing.

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