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Just feeling like CR*P!! Lock Rss

Hi all,
as the title explains i am 26 weeks pregnant and to be totally honest i feel like cr*p!!!!!!
My skin has had a major breakout!! im tried!! my belly is itchy and to be honest im probably a bit moody... So i have decided that tomorrow is the day that i take over this pregnancy and start looking after my self more... As of tomorrow i will be walking at least 3-4 times a week, drinking more water, cutting out the sugar ( even though i seems to crave it) and eating more Veg. at the moment i am eating that much fruit i eating my body weight in it.
But does anyone have any other tips to make me feel human agin and not so much like a zombie... Im sitting at work writing this and feeling like i could fall asleep any moment!!
I find keeping active is great - and taking the time to so the luxurious stuff (get a massage, read a book, go to the movies) because soon these will be a distant memory. Sadly you may find it harder to be more 'uppity' the bigger and tired you get.

Sorry you're feeling awful sad

Cutting out sugar will do you the world of good! The more sugar you eat the more you crave, so you may have a few days of withdrawals. Try and have a good serve of protein with each meal to curb the cravings.
Don't over load on carbs.
Eat good quality dairy.
Have you had your iron levels checked? Vitamin D? If they're both low it might explain why you're feeling lousy.
Getting active will definitely increase those serotonin levels smile
Hope you feel better soon

I am kitty wink

Make an appointment at the beautican. Get a facial, mani,pedi or even just having my eyebrows waxed made me feel better!! Seriously you won't have much time after baby (i have a 5 week old) so take advantage

Also try and get as much sleep in as you can. I get that its not so easy towards the end but I think it is really important to get plenty of rest before bub arrives. xx Lots of relaxation as well.

Sorry you're feeling so bad. I should join you on trying to reduce the sugar. I'm only 20 weeks but have developed a bad cycle of eating/craving too much sugar. I feel it must be a vicious cycle cos I never used to be this bad. I find it impossible to exercise even though I know I should. My only suggestion for when you're feeling bad is a hot shower, Pjs and curling up on the lounge (or an early night). Take care
Thanks everyone, i really appreciate your help. making changes today and so far so good. Bring on enjoying this pregnancy
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