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When did you pack your hospital bag? Lock Rss

My daugher was born at 39 wks and i had my bag packed as of 36wks. I packed a bag for myself a bag for baby.
Im due again in Sept and im think ill pack around the same time.
Gd Luck!!
My daughter was a planned c-section at 38 weeks. I packed the morning of the c-section. The twins I went in to labour at 34 weeks. My DH packed a bag for me while I had a shower before going to the hospital.

I only took one bag each time with just things for a day or so. DH then just bought in what I needed and took home what I didn't want.

The twins were in hospital for a month and even the day they came home they only had a small bag between them of things.

Don't take a heap of things are you probably won't want or need them. Your partner can bring in things for you anyway if your forget things.

Our antenatal teacher last pregnancy suggested 34 weeks.

I'm 35 weeks and all packed, save for buying some nappies. My babies tend to come a little bit early, so glad to have it done.
It doesn't hurt to start now, but you're likely to want to wear some of the things you will be taking in the mean time. I started packing at 37 weeks with DD, and finished after labour started at 38 weeks laugh You have made me realise I should probably pack a bag now. I'm likely to be put in hospital in a few weeks, and stay in until 36 weeks, I don't want to be stuck with nothing and giving DH long distance instructions if they decide to go earlier!

i started packing around 32 weeks. but kept adding to my bags as time went on. had my bags fully pack by about 36 or 37 weeks except for a few things which i still was using everyday. i wrote those on a list and put it with my bags so when the time came i would know exactly what i had to put in and not run around like a headless chciken trying to remember and worrying that i forgot something.

i had 3 bags. one for during the labour with stuff like water bottle, snacks, face clothe, wheat sack etc in it. i had one for DS with clothes for him, nappies, nappy bags, nappy rash cream, blanket for him, socks, beanies etc. and the third with my personal stuff with my clothes, hairbrush, undies, breastpads, maternity pads, toiletries, etc. and the most important thing i brouight with me was my camera to capture those first precious moments. grin

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