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6 weeks pregnant irregular shapped placenta. worried mum help Lock Rss

Hi mums.
today we had our first scan for baby 2. It was just a date scan to see how far along I am.
the lady whom did our scan told me our placenta is an irregular shape and is not round like it should be and I have a small tear. She said it will most likely be okay but more often than not can result in a miscarriage. And thats all we were told and she said anymore questions to ask our doctor. My partner and I left absoloutely gob smacked upset and I feel so numb not knowing what is going to happen.

Really just would like some reassurance that there is a potential everything will be okay? Or maybe just some stories from mums who have been through the same thing.

Hopefully have an appontment with my doctor ttomorrow providing the tests come back through otherwise I will have to wait until a very far away monday.

Thanks in advance.
Placenta? Or the amniotic sac? I didn't think they could really see a placenta at this stage as it is not fully formed...

I had a misshapen amniotic sac with my last pregnancy, instead of being nice and round like a bubble it was kind of V shaped. I also had alot of bright red bleeding due to a sub chorionic hematoma. This happened just before 7 weeks, and I had weekly scans until 10 weeks - in all the scans the sac was still misshapen. By the 12 week scan it was back to a nice round bubble shape. He is 5 years old now!

I don't know if that story will help as I'm not sure you are talking about the same thing... but best of luck to you anyway!
I had the placenta in the wrong place for my second child. He is know 4 and starting kinder next year. A few weeks before I gave birth they did another ultrasound to check it. And found out that my body had corrected it by moving it out of the way.

However, I would be lying to you if I said it all went to plan. Make sure you tell the doctor and midwife about it when you going into labor and book in to the hospital. As when my moved a tiny piece tore off, which caused me to have a bleed after the birth (larger than normal I mean). But because they knew about it they kept an eye on me and fixed the problem straight away. A part from that it was a perfectly normal birth with a healthy baby boy.

Good luck smile Hopefully it all went well for you at the doctors
We had an odd shaped sac (looked like a wizard's hat) and a sub chorionic haematoma. My little boy was fine. Hope everything goes well with your baby.
Thats weird
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