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Is the mucus plug always bloody? Lock Rss

Hi there,
With my girls I never lost anything until the last moments of birth. dd1 it was within the last half hour of birth and dd2 it had to have been in the last 5 mins.
I didn't really have increased discharge, I never had any blood, no lumps of mucous, no waters breaking etc. dd1 I was in the water and felt a pop in the last 30 mins and dd2 I was wearing undies until the last 5 mins of birth and then I jumped in the pool so I know I hadn't lost anything until at least that point. My undies were totally clean and even after weeks of prelabour I never lost anything.
So you never know, you may just go straight into labour!
dd1 the only warning sign was the day before I was really really over being pregnant. I loved being pregnant and that day I was just over it. I didn't think it was a warning sign, I thought it was normal. Next day I woke up at 4 am and thought I reaallllllllly want a milo and nutella on toast. right. now.
Went out and made it, the fire was still going from the night before, so I put another log on and had a proper contraction when I was trying to get a big burning log back into the fire with just a poker....grin It was very obvious and very sudden.
dd2 I had a few weeks of prelabour where basically I just felt crampy, achey, gastro-ey, on and off for 4-5 weeks. Then I had some little niggles one arvo. Had a few mild contractions all over the place and really far apart and then suddenly a heap of contractions all on top of each other. She was born within half an hour from the first proper one.
Not always blood streaked.... But like someone said also doesn't always mean things are going to happen, it's just the cervix could still be a little wait or could happen to tomorrow! smile
LyndseyA wrote:
Haha I love that, milo and nutella on toast.

OC1246 wrote:
dd2 I had a few weeks of prelabour where basically I just felt crampy, achey, gastro-ey, on and off for 4-5 weeks.
That's what I have been like for the past couple of weeks on and off. If anything does come from all this discharge, it will probably happen next Sunday because that's our first wedding anniversary and we having planned a day out haha.
hahahaha yep. I think you pretty much have your labour booked then.....grin
I lost small amounts of plug over a few weeks, none had any blood in it. At the time I wasn't convinced it was my plug because I thought I would be massively overdue like my Mum was roll eyes very surprised to go into labour at 38+1 (waters broke and it was all on a couple of hours later). laugh

Sounds like it. Google image search at your peril. wink
i lost bits of my mucus plug for about a week or maybe a little longer before DS arrived. it wasnt blood streaked just yellow snotty looking. but my midwife said that apparently the mucus plug does regenerate itself. also even though i was loosing mine for a while i only fully lost it and it was bloody when i was at the hospital and in labour. it sounds like your body is just gearing up for it all. all the best. grin

I lost my mucous plug 2 days before my waters broke and there was no blood in either of them at all just simply discharge!


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