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Hi everyone went to see my doctor today and he kept asking me if i thought i would go early but he didnt say why on my yellow card hes wrote presentation and position c and relation of p.p to brim 3/5 could that have anything to do with why he was asking ? Im 35 weeks thanks
I have no idea what that means. Maybe one of the nurses on here will. I think on your next visit you should ask for it to be explained in simple terms and ask why he asked the question. I think it's quite irresponsible of him not to give you an explanation but also maybe it's nothing so no need to explain. But it just a strange question to ask and he should understand that questions like that can make a pregnant women worry even if there's no need.

Also, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth! Try not to worry. Do your best to relax and enjoy the last few weeks. At least you are 35 weeks so could give birth to a perfect healthy baby anytime.

If you are 3/5 then your baby is quite far down in your pelvis.
Some people think that this is an indication that you will birth early because you are engaged early.
Your doctor would have measured with his fingers how far you babies head was in your pelvis. 1/5 and 2/5 means the baby is not far down. 3/5 or higher means the baby is engaged.
It is normal for a first baby to be engaged at you stage of pregnancy.
So it is not a clear sign of an early birth. Just relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and see what happens smile
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Thanks everyone just thought it was weird him askin this is my third baby and was not asked with them i managed to find my yellow cards for them and they didnt have the number out of 5 on them so thats why i was curious smile
My 2nd baby 'dropped' at 30 weeks And was engaged from 32 weeks, from around 34 weeks she was 3/5 engaged. The midwife & doctors kept telling me at every app from 36 weeks on, that I would have her before my next app! It was exciting to hear at the time, but my baby girl didn't arrive until her due date!! So be prepared, but also remember baby will come whenever he/she wants to & not when the doctors say it should! I drove my poor husband crazy saying the doc said she should come early! lol
My 2nd was very similar to lovemy2girls+boy, i was engaged from 32 weeks and actually had no growth when they did the external measurement between then and 38 weeks cause he was so far lodged in my pelvis. I was told at 34 weeks i would have a prem and was prepared for that but next appointment came, no baby. Every time i went in the doctor was amazed i was still prgnant. I the end, i went into non progressive labour 4 times (when you get to 3 mins apart then it just stops for no reason) and ended up having to have my waters broken to induce at 10 days overdue! He then came out in an hour as he had been so ready for so long.

Anyway, these things can mena bubs is ready but don't get you hopes up if you are over it, it could still be a fair wait yet. Good luck smile

Bdd.. You have your 5ths around the wrong way.. Its worked out by the dr or midwife putting their hand at the base of your belly... So 5/5 means not engaged at all, baby is high up and they can fit 5 fingers between the head an the base of the cervix. Then as baby comes down it goes to 4/5 (4 fingers), 3/5 (3 fingers) til they get to 1/5 and if there is no room you're classed as engaged.

Don't know why the dr would ask if you would be going early other than to try and find out if you were early with previous pregnancies... Which I don't understand why he wouldn't just ask you that. Some of these drs are a little eccentric. smile

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