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Coke Zero Rss

Hello everyone!

I forgot to check with my obst. if it was okay to drink coke zero (as it contains that artifical sweetner - phel-something-mine), and was wondering if anyone out there knew if it was okay?

I only drink one can every second day.....

Hey there,

I think it should be ok. You can drink Coke and other stuff as long as its not too much and I doubt an artificial sweetner could be bad for pregnancy
BUT I still hope someone else replies with a definite answer for you

Take care with your pregnancy smile
Hey guys, thats the first ive heard of not to drink it... oops... i drink it all the time. Atleast once a day and everything seems to be going okay. Well i hope so.
dear kris0202,
well this might shock all u pregger gals but here is some info on all soft drinks i watched on today tonight it shocked me and put me into research mode well here goes look at every soft drink in the shops and u will b amazed 211 is a mixture they use in all but normal coke and they wont tell u but it is used in petrol.YEP PETROL how crap is that but it is legal if in small dose.good luck ladies sorry to tell u i was shocked happy hunting
good luck
mumzie due 15 sept boy jacob


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