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Could I be pregnant Lock Rss

Plz help I had my rods out thu last week had unprotected sex on sat last week started mild cramps 2 days later then back pain been real grumpy last few days and today I did some cleaning for just over hr and my lower back hurts real bad same pain as wen I was preg with my first to plz help just want to no if I am or not haven't missed period yet
By rods do you mean implanon? I think it would be too soon to be pregnant but I'm not 100% sure sorry.
Yes implant also have a weird feeling that I could had same thing with my first how early can I do test or blood test
Most home pregnancy tests work best once your period is due. Some may give a positive result a few days before period is due but it may also be too early to tell. Not sure about blood tests, but if very concerned see your GP and they should be able to advise further.
My period should be due nxt week as from this week I had it 3 weeks ago but not sure wat day I'm due wen shall I do test
Maybe end of next week? If you're not sure the date
Cool thanks for ur help does any1 think these symptoms are pregnancy
My back pain is coming more often and from 9.30 to 1.30 have already been toilet 6times does any1 think these symptoms are pregnancy
Ohk thanks only time I have had these pains was wen I was preg only thing I get from period is lite cramping day before it comes and it's different
I did a test yesterday but was neg as was only 6 days so wouldn't show up as to early
Are you trying to conceive?

I doubt that you'd be pregnant so quickly... It takes a little while for the hormones to exit your system so it could take a few cycles to get back to normal. And the decrease in hormones could give you all the symptoms you've been having.

My doc said once its out its game on. Apparently you can get pregnant right after it coming out, I'd test as soon as you can turn itd be too early now
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