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Could I be pregnant Lock Rss

I had my rods in for over a year, got them taken out and had sex a week later (my cycle still hadn't returned) .. even took the ECP the very next day and still got pregnant so it is very possible.
I had mine taken out march last year and it took 11 months for my cycle to return to normal. I was having a 19 day cycle and not ovulating at all, My doc told me some people return to normal straight away but some dont. I certainly didnt.

Have also been bloated and not hungry at all but ate yesterday and felt queezie
I think you're probably looking way too much into it....

You're looking for all the symptoms in pregnancy cos I am assuming you're hoping that's the outcome??

I didn't even get morning sickness till 5 If you've had unprotected sex last week, even if you were pregnant, it wouldn't be morning sickness making you sick....

Maybe just give it time, taking a pregnancy test a week after unprotected sex is a bit silly...
I'm not looking to much into it that's wat I have been having I never felt queezie with my first to
You said you only had unprotected sex a week ago.

All I am saying is it's impossible to get symptoms that early .
Yeah I no that's y it's weird cause should be to early
I don't think its pregnancy.

All anyone can say on here is just wait another three weeks and test. Who knows you could be pregnant and if that's the outcome you want then I say a big congrats smile

Just relax and try to steer off alcohol or cigarettes or any of the usual no-nos in pregnancy and you'll be right smile
No one can give you a definate answer here so its just going to go around and around in circles. We all had to wait to find out wink

So I'm officially 1 day late and I'm never late is it to early to get blood test dne 2morrow it will be 10days
Kaitelyn wrote:
So I'm officially 1 day late and I'm never late is it to early to get blood test dne 2morrow it will be 10days

If your period is due a positive should show up on a home pregnancy test, I got all my positives before my period was due smile
It was neg but like I said its only been 10days so wouldn't show up will blood test show it
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