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Could I be pregnant Lock Rss

I would say it'll be the effects of the hormonal changes of having them removed it would be way too soon to feel anything pregnancy wise and highly unlikely that the rods would have worn off enough for you to get pregnant when you DTD. If the pain gets really painful however please go and get it checked you may require a pelvic ultrasound to see whats going on. If its really really painful there's a chance it could be something like a ovarian cyst, early misscarriage or although I think it would be a bit early to feel it an ectopic pregnancy. Don't freak out though I would say it's just hormonal and everything sorting itself out this is only if it gets really bad or doesn't go.
The doctor has got me on folic acid and he said once they were removed I could get preg straight away
But you have to ovulate first and since you had hormones causing you to stop ovulating it's unlikely you would have and you wouldn't feel it that soon. Why didn't your doctor ordered bloods if he gave you folic acid? bloods can pick up if your pregnant within a week of falling pregnant. Most women also take 6 months for their bodies to return to normal fertility and the longer you have been on it the longer it can take to get pregnant. Of course there is always a small chance but it sounds very unlikely, if you are in bad pain though please get it checked it could be something serious.
Long term contraceptives can really mess things around, I had perfect cycles 28 days long until I took the depo provera now it has got so bad I normally only see aunt flow every 150 days (although not the case atm as i'm breastfeeding).
My period never stopped on it kept getting it right through and for same time
Yeah I was the same on depo although ended up coming off because eventually they got longer and longer. complete oppersite when I came off. There is of course a small chance you could be pregnant but it's highly unlikely (a normal women with out the surround circumstance you have already only has a 25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle), I would get bloods done just to be safe and it will lay your mind at rest. It only takes 24 hours for the result and it's the most accurate.
Yes I will be getting them dne 2morrow
Awesome, good luck. Let us know how you get on smile
Will do
My cycle was regular as clockwork with them in, then when they came out I dropped to a 19 day cycle, dtr had some blood tests done every 3 months to see if I was ovulating, that took almost a year to start again

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