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Very faint 2nd line on HPT Lock Rss

Hi love!! Congrats!!

THe morning I had a slight second line I could not believe it. That afternoon I bought a First Responce (they are very sensitive) and one of the ones that actually say pregnant/not pregnant....took all the guess work out smile Good luck and keep us posted xx
Congratulations!!! grin

They don't always show up, I took a pregnancy test every week for 2 1/2 months with my last and it didn't show up at all. By the time I found out I was pregnant I was 16 weeks.
If you ovulated later than normal it can push things back too. I found out I was pregnant with DD1 at what was, theoretically using lmp, 10 weeks pregnant but because I have longer than normal cycles and therefor ovulate later I was really only 6 weeks pregnant. With DS and DD2 I was technically 6+ weeks based on lmps when I got my positives but because of my cycles I was really 4 weeks 2 days with DS and 3 weeks 5 days with DD2. Definitely agree with blood tests though if you're not sure, they're a lot more accurate and give peace of mind.

Oh gosh I can't believe you still don't have an answer!

I took a test with DD2 on a Friday and it was neg in the time frame. I looked at it later in the day and I could see a line in the window it was ever so light. I knew that coz it was hours after the test was done it meant nothing. On the Sunday I had some light bleeding so I figured AF was starting. But on Wednesday Af had not started so I took another test and it was positive.

Good Luck
As long as it showed within the 10 min mark, it's highly unlikely to be wrong. With my second the second on the first test to show it was faint.
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