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Having issues getting a private OB Lock Rss

I'm currently 13 weeks 5 days pregnant with my 5th baby and so far only seen my GP at 6 weeks to get a dating scan form.

I found a new OB that I was excited about but they don't return calls or emails. I haven seen anybody in regards to my pregnancy and to be honest I'm sick of waiting any longer.

Can anybody reccomend a private OB in the south east Brisbane area in QLD who is experienced and delivers at the mater mothers and their OB rooms are in the same
Area. I'm worried that if I leave seeing an OB too much longer nobody will take me.

Thanks any help will be Very appreciated.
Do you need a referral to get one? Ive had all 5 bubs in public hospitals. One in Melb, One at the Mater and the other three at Logan. All times where fine except my last bub at Logan. Im worried about them stuffing up again. What fees are involved if you have no private cover?
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