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Further along than we thought!! Lock Rss

Hellooo everyone!

I'm almost 17 weeks now, and for a while a lot of people around me have been telling me I'm big, and have thought I'm having twins. I just thought I was showing so early because I'm usually quite small.

So anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday for my usual check up and he felt my tummy and he said he thinks I'm further along in my pregnancy than we first thought because he can feel something up near my belly button. Anyone understand this?

I've put on 15kg since I became pregnant, but I don't feel uncomfortable with the weight or anything, in fact, apart from looking pregnant I think I just look the same.

One thing that I find is that I can't slouch any more. It's too uncomfy and I feel like I'm squashing my insides!!!! It's really weird.

I don't know if I felt a bit of a kick this morning? I don't know what to look out for and I don't know where abouts in my belly that I would feel it? Would it be right down low?

It's getting a bit exciting now!!!

Take care all.

Hi Leanne

Have you had an ultrasound scan yet? They can usually get a pretty accurate idea of how far along you are by measuring the length of the baby when they do the scan I think ...

I had also put on about 15 kilos in my first 3 or four months ... quite a shock! Both my GP and my midwife also told me that the size of my uterus indicated that I was a good 4 weeks further along than our calculations ... but when I went in for the scan, the sonographer told us that our initial dates were correct after all! Quite disappointing considering we'd gotten all excited about being further along than we thought ... sad

The first kicks that I felt were like little bubbles of gas in my tummy and I could only feel them really low down in my pelvis to start with. It's all very exciting once you start to feel bubs in there ...

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

Hi Leanne smile

What the doctor was feeling was probably the height of the fundus (top of uterus) by how many centimetres your uterus is from the top of your pubic bone to the top your uterus they can tell how many weeks you are. I tell ya, even if your only one week ahead of what you thought you were it makes a big difference lol. I was told i was a week ahead of what i thought i was. I'm 30weeks now and just bloody uncomfortable lol.

I've put on over 20kgs, well i put on 20 a week or so ago and havent checked since... dont really want to hehe.
I always thought the kicking felt like a strong pulse coming from your belly. If you lie on your back it might be stronger for you to feel, thats what i always found smile

Good luck and take care!!
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