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Pregnant with the mirena iud Lock Rss

Hi all,

I hope I am in the right area, I have had a crazy morning smile
I will start at the beginning, I have two beautiful boys, 7yrs and 3yrs and we didn't want anymore because my eldest is special needs he is wonderful but full on and I can barely handle both of them. which is why I got the mirena put in (they talked me out of tube being tied)
So around a month ago I got it in (painfully) and thought all was ok, had preg symptoms but thought it was side effects but this morning I decided to do a test (3tests) and all positive.
The doctor who put it in said I must have been preg before it went in, even thou test was neg. She was astonished, she basically said that the mirena can be used like a morning after pill to rid of pregnancy. So the fact this baby is still there is basically a miracle.
Anyways the ultrasound reveled that the mirena is in the uterus and is next to the fetus sac, no idea what that means.
She has basically said come back after the weekend after we decide what to do..
I didn't want another baby, my life is full on and I don't cope at the best of times but this amazing little miracle has already wormed its way into my heart in a few short hours, its a survivor.
However my main concern now is the mirena, has anyone been through this situation before?
Are babies born ok?
Im so scared I will get so attached and something will happen because of this silly mirena!
Also I was on endep for headaches and I don't know if that's bad..
I have all these questions and the doctor only said they don't take it out and babies are born naturally with the mirena still any.
Any advice??
Thanks smile

We were discussing contraception the other day at a group run by our Child Health Clinic. One of the co-ordinators told us that one of her children was concieved while using the mirena and born with it tangled in their hair. The only side effect was a permanant blonde patch in their otherwise dark hair smile

Hi there - my friend fell pregnant with her IUD (copper) in, totally freaked her out having it in there while pregnant too.

She only had hers checked after my one slumped down and I was worried about it's positioning. Turned out her little baby was already on its way. Copper and all.

The doctor did successfully remove it around 7 weeks, it was a scary time but worth it in the end with her 3rd daughter.

It's a tough one when making the call to have another child and certainly not one you want with the extra stress of your eldest child's situation and of course the Mirena still being in there.

I read up on lots of stories when she was going through it, turns out pretty common with coppers not so much with Mirena. Most seemed to have their ones removed from what I read.

Good luck - all the best.
Thanks for the replies everyone,
We have decided to see what happens, it almost seems like it is meant to be. Especially that it has survived this long through everything.
I am just worried i will get attached and something terrible will happen, i am going to the gp on tuesday to get referred onto gyno to ask the hard questions.
She told me they dont take it out but after LOTS of research alot of people do get it taken out, however in my situation the ultrasound shows the mirena out of place and high up, so i'm not sure it can be removed.
I still wonder how i will cope, last night and today has been full on with both kids and i keep thinking there will be a newborn here soon... It scares me, and all the what ifs scare me..
I suppose it is the waiting game,
Anyway thank you for your help, concern and well wishes xx
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