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Different morning sickness for second pregnancy Lock Rss

I know it's still early days, I'm only 7weeks along right now, have been suffering nausea and vomiting since about 5weeks.
But just wondering if anyone had different morning sickness for their second child?
Was your morning sickness worse for a boy/girl if any of you have had both....
When pregnant with DS I was bedridden from 4weeks through until about 16weeks, lost so much weight, dehydrated, trip to the hospital etc, you get the idea, it sucked.
This time around I feel like I haven't been as sick.... I've vomited maybe 3 times, can actually eat more than a potato wedge or two a day, other than that just felt pretty nauseous/dizzy/tired. We are hoping for a girl this time around, maybe the different severity in morning sickness is an indication? Anyone else had a similar experience.??

I hope I don't speak too soon and have it crank up next week, haha.

Me and my friends were just discussing this the other day. They both experienced completely different pregnancies for each of their babies.
One friend had extremely bad MS with her first pregnancy and it was a little boy, her second pregnancy was a breeze and it was a little girl!
Another good friend also had a rough first pregnancy and it was a girl, her second pregnancy was sweet as and it was a boy!!
We were trying to decide....was MS worse because it was their first pregnancy or was it because of the different gender they were carrying?? Do some ladies carry boys better than girls and vice versa?

Yes! That's exactly what I'm asking myself!!
It could just be wishful thinking on my behalf, perhaps it is just because its my second that its not so bad... But it does make me think! I guess we will just have to wait and see haha.

My friend was hospitalised on many occasions for MS with her first, she had a little girl. Her second pregnancy was an absolute breeze, she carried differently, felt great, cruised through it....and had another little girl! Lol

My first pregnancy was a breeze, had a boy, second time I vomited most of the 9 months, had a girl... This time I had a shocking first 4 months, settled a bit then been sick on and off throughout... Will find out in a month or so what I have! smile
Agree with jas, I have one of each gender and was sick with both. I dont think gender has anything to do with it. You'll be blessed either way smile
I've had 3 babies all girls, first bubba I was sick before I had a positive test so around 3.5-4 weeks, second bubba thought I had missed out but it came on at 7.5-8weeks and with my third baby it came on around 5 weeks. They all last until the 3 month mark but the first was definitely the worst !

Auckland Mumma to three gorgeous girls and Birth Photographer at First Light Birth Photography smile LOVE my job !

I'm so glad to read this post - we're not finding out what we're having but have had people telling me I'm having a boy because I didn't get much morning sickness and also by the way I'm carrying. I think everyone has their own opinion based on their previous pregnancies or people they know, but really it could just be an individual thing. I hope you get your girl smile
I had bad morning sickness for first 14 weeks with DS, didn't completely disappear until last trimester. Second pregnancy had NONE whatsoever and had little girl. Third time around am 34 weeks and still don't feel great. First 24 weeks were dreadful...will fall over backwards if the dr says its a girl!
I think everyone has their different opinions, with regards to which gender causes what kind of pregnancy (whether it's based on their stories or people they know) but I've had 2 boys and 1 girl... They are truly my biggest blessings in life. Despite the different pregnancy experiences with my kids, I explored options to reduce my morning sickness and found some help at Adaptive Myotherapy (

They relieved the stress and improved my pregnancy experience! Hopefully it'll work for you too smile
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