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What would you do? Lock Rss

As some of you know from my previous post I am 8 weeks pregnant with the mirena iud.
I went to the gyno on Tuesday and the baby was still going strong, he was the third professional to say how astonished he was to see this baby had survived the insertion of the mirena, as it is used as a abortion like technique.
He tired taking it out, which was horrific and in the end with the forceps covered in blood he still didn't succeed. He has given me two options, abort or continue with a very high risk preg to myself and baby.
Now about me, I have two boys 7 and 3, my eldest has special needs and my youngest still has issues sleeping. I am really not a patient person, I love my boys but I never ever thought with all the trouble I had with my first with his special needs and second with health problems that I would go a third, in a perfect world yes but my worlds not perfect sad
We have no support system, my parents are up north and getting older, we recently lost my mother in law to cancer and my father in law is next door but it's hard.
Everyone else has their own lives and children...
The way we are thinking is this baby has survived through the mirena insertion, 8 weeks of it in there with it and now that horrific experience of the dr trying to get the mirena out (I think) so it feels like it's meant to be, I can't walk into a clinic and abort after it's lived through so much.
But I have pressure of my parents and some others to abort, they say abort n try again. But I didn't want another, this has happened for a reason?!
But there are high risks of miscarrying, early labor, infection, placenta problems, I have read a lot of people have lost their iud babies in the second semester which would be horrific.
I want to know what you would do in my position??

I hope this doesn't offend anyone and I'm sorry for the novel smile

I personly would continue with the pregnancy. The lil buba has shown its strength and will to live. Best of luck in making your decion. Such a tricky situation to be in.
To be honest it sounds like you have already made up your mind. Its not an easy situation and no right decision. If you can, accept your decision and do the best you can without second guessing yourself.

I also don't think anyone can really say what to do. Its up to you and your partner.
I don't envy the position you're in. I think personally, I would rather lose a baby later on having given it a chance to live rather than actively choosing to terminate because of "what ifs" that said, I would not blame you at all if you went down the abortion road as you do have a lot going on.

Please keep us up to date on your decision, and the progress of your pregnancy if you choose to continue. All the best xx

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I would continue because like you said, it's like it was meant to be and like Skubala said, I could not handle the 'what ifs'.

I wish you all the best in what ever decision you choose to make and would totally understand no matter which way you choose to go!

Hi everyone, Thankyou for replying.
Not long after i posted this i started spotting, bright red blood.
Every since he attempted to take the mirena out i have been getting slight cramps and had a bit of spotting but that bleeding stopped yesterday. Now its there when i wipe and bright red but not enough to call period like.
So i dont know whats happening, i have been crying all day sad
I dont understand how something like this would happen, how it seemed meant to be and a miracle just to be taken away.
Its not confirmed yet but i have a feeling.
I will let you know, Thank you for your support xx
I cannot believe they would try take the mirena out??!!... Good luck, I hope everything is fine
Kylie, I just wanted to send you lots of hugs. You are going through so much atm. Keep us informed. Wish somehow I could help you more. ?

Thanks for your kind replies.
I go back tomorrow and i am totally unprepared to make one of the biggest choices i will ever make, these past few years have been so difficult for us sad
Anyway i continue to bleed on and off with stabbing cramps, its not much blood just there when i wipe occasionally.
i have no idea whether bubs is still there or not...
My hubby is now incredibly worried, he was all for the idea of if its meant to be it will happen but now after the bleeding, pain and sickness im going through he is having second thoughts.
If this is happening already what will the rest of the pregnancy be like?? Not to mention i also have kidney problems... My head says no we cant do this, we cant handle this and its too risky for me and the bub..
My heart says if its meant to be it will happen and if its not and i miscarry it is nature taking its course, its out of my hands...
I hate these choices in life, I really do think my family needs a break!!
If it wasnt suppose to be then why are we being put through this sad

Anyways thanks everyone, i will let you know tomorrow how we go.
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