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Craving Milk?? Lock Rss

Ok so I'm 13 weeks and for the last week or so I have been craving milk! Or at least drinking a lot of it...

We usually buy a 2L bottle each per week (I drink light blue) and have it on our breakfast, but lately I have been drinking it heaps on top of that, and I think that by the end of the week I would have gone through about 3 litres of it! That is including breakfast though.

Has anyone else had this weird craving or want to drink so much milk??

Me too banana milk
YES!!! This is my 3rd pregnancy and the first 2 i drank 3 litres of milk every week. With this pregnancy I go well over 3 litres in just 5 days, and a large tin of Milo only lasts a couple of weeks.. Maybe 4 if I'm forcing myself to be reasonable wink Last 2 babies were 8.9 and 8 pounds... I think my hubby and I just make big healthy babies.. Not sure if the milk has anything to do with it though.. BUT YES I LOVE MY MILK!!! Come to think of it... Today i drank 5 cups of milk.. I wanted 6.. But figured 5 is enough wink MILK IS AMAZING!!!

Oh and by the way, my weight is normally 50kg, and I'm an average height. But for me 8.9 pounds is plenty big enough!!!
I craved milk during both my pregnancies. I drank litres of milk per week. I just couldn't get enough LOL. Unfortunately my second born is allergic to dairy products. I now wonder if my excessive milk consumption could have contributed to his allergy. smile

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