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no yolk sac Lock Rss

Hi , am new here and terriefied. Got the great news about a week and a half ago after three and a half years of trying, only to have cramping. Doc sent me for US the radiographer saw gestational sac but no yolk sac or embryo. Is this OK at 5.5 weeks? am going for another US next tues.
Hey sweety, dont panic. I know its hard not too. I just went through the exact same thing. Sometimes the baby is way too small to be seen at this stage of a pregnancy. The good news is that the gestational sack is there! In a week or two the baby should be big enough to be seen and by the end of week 6 the heart whould also be able to be seen ( But not always) Just try and relax. Take it easy and wait. I Know its hard, but i did and my baby is fine.
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