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Waters broke way too early Lock Rss

Thursday night (20+3weeks) I called an ambulance and my waters broke just as they arrived sad
I've been in hospital since on antibiotics and have drips and injections every few hours
There is very little fluid left around her but they scan her every morning to see how she is looking and see what fluid is left
And check her heart rate 3 times a day she is going good at the moment
And they have said I need to make it to 24 weeks to be transferred to another hospital (I'm at a base hospital now but they will transfer me to a big Canberra or Sydney hospital with all special equipment )
And once I've been moved than bub needs to stay in my tummy for as long as it is safe for us both
But doctors are saying It could go either way (that we just have to wait and see )
This is my first bub and not knowing what to expect from labor and delivery let alone now having complications
And not knowing what's gonna happen is terrifying
All they can tell me is ill be here till she is born and that could be next week or 3months from now
Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation
Everyone tries to understand but they have never had a premi baby let alone been in our situation
Which makes it harder and me feel more alone
Hey hun, I'm really sorry to hear of your situation (I'm the NICU nurse above mentioned). I wasn't in the exact position as you, but at 22 weeks I started to have contractions and my cervix was found to be extremely short. I was hospitalised due to this and several rounds of threatened preterm labor. I spent nearly 7 weeks in hospital and was discharged for one night, waters broke and I ended up having my baby at 30 wks, he's still in hospital at the moment.

Unfortunately your doctors are right - it can go either way. The fact that this happened on Thursday and it is now Monday is a good sign - often once your waters break delivery happens in the next 3 days, so you're past that and maybe you might be able to hang on! When I was in hospital I hated having people tell me other success stories, but maybe it will help you? I've nursed babies who have ruptured membranes very early (one was as early as 17 weeks) and they made it to nearly 28!

If you are on facebook, there is a group called "incompetent cervix Australia" - on this group are a lot of women who have had early ruptured membranes, cervical issues, hospitalisation and premature babies. I have found this group to be very supportive and knowledgeable.

Keep us up to date and I'll be thinking of you and hoping your little baby stays put for as long as possible!

Follow my blog "Bed Rest for Baby" at

Good luck Bec. I hope your baby stays in as long as possible xx
Just a quick update
3 hospitals about a thousand doctors many hundreds of needles latter

They confirmed that it was called pprom and reasons for it happening are unknown
But here we are 3weeks latter and still trying to stay strong
Bubs heart beat is good
But Fluid levels keep changing still losing fluid (sorry for tmi)
But we all have fingers crossed and are praying for our little one to keep on fighting and make it through
Fingers crossed for you too. Xxx

Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed for you too. Xxx

My little one couldn't hold on any longer and was welcomed to the world yesterday

Ella is everything I could have hoped for such a beautiful little girl

But sadly she arrived to early and now we must say goodbye

I love you always my little baby girl
I'm So Sorry for your Loss of your Beautiful Baby Girl. May your Beautiful Baby rest in peace.
Thinking of you and your family at this sad time. GBH's xx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

So so sorry, that is heartbreaking sad

Oh reading about her short journey bought tears to my eye. So sorry for your loss, I hope you are surrounded by great support at this devastating time. Just so so so sad.
Oh Bec, I am so sorry Ella grew her wings to soon. My heart breaks for you and your family.
Rest in peace little princess xxx

I can only imagine what you and your partner must be going through. I am sorry that you have lost your Ella.
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