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Questions to ask potential midwives Lock Rss

Or Google or yellow pages.

You can change mw at any time but if have an idea if you want hospital birth, birthing centre or home birth it helps narrow things down.
Also some might come to your house to do checks, others will want you To go to them. So you may want someone close to your work etc.

I would call around today coz they do get booked up. And you are due around Dec? I was due on new years and i had to ring 12 MW before I found one who was working!!

Another thing is to put your name down for anti natal classes now too
Make sure the mw will do what type of birth you want eg homebirth, waterbirth, hospital birth etc. The thing that was most important to me was finding someone who i got along with and who viewed everything from my perspective. Also someone who was highly recommended by others. So ask friends or family if possible orgo onto websites and ask for peoples opinions on midwifes, or even googlea certain person cause sometimes you can find people have writen stuff about them in other forums. All the best hun

We had Pauline Moore from beautiful births in Dunedin, she was amazing!!!!! I could not recommend her more, she has a medical background which I personally found reassuring, she was professional but also caring, she was away for some of our post birth and her back ups (Louise & heather) were lovely as well. If/when we have another one we will definitely use her again.
Just had a thought - One thing I would probably ask is what size caseload do they have, I have heard of midwives having massive numbers of women which meant the quality of care is reduced (rushed visits etc) and also reduces the chance of you having them at your birth, obviously there is always a chance you may have the back up at your birth for whatever reason (another birth, weekend off etc) but the smaller the caseload the more chance this person you have built a relationship with over the next 7 1/2 months will be there helping you through the 'joy' of childbirth.

If you want to do anti natal at the parents centre they fill up really fast so I would book now, we missed out so did ours through Queen Mary.
Pauline is a star, I had a complication after delivery and was told by the hospital midwives that I was lucky I had such a thorough midwife as it was unlikely otherwise it would have been picked up until I got home and went septic.

When you email the parent centre they will book you in to the course that fits best so you are with others due around the same time, you can either do the weekly classes or there is one that's run over 2 week nights and a weekend.
for the antenatal classes i did mine early about 28 weeks when every one was doing theirs at 35 + weeks but it was lucky i did mine early instead of waiting as i gave birth at 34 weeks but just look at the timing schedule for the classes and get one as close to your date as you feel comfortable doing.
How have you got on? Did you manage to call a couple?

As for antinatal classes I called and was booked in by the course coordinator. Most mums to be were 28 wks+ when they stared, they were run over 6 weeks. Only 1 mum had her baby b4 classes finished, she was 37 wks.
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