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Dreaming of baby's gender - could it mean anything? Lock Rss

I'm 15 going on 16 weeks pregnant, and for the past week or 2 I've had a few dreams that I've had my baby (at this many weeks pregnant too, but it still came out normal and healthy).

The thing is, in each of them it has been a boy!

Just curious, has anyone else had these? or even had them and then had their baby as the same gender as they had a dream about?

I find out in about a month but this whole pregnancy I can't stop thinking about it being a boy. I don't mind either way, though a girl would be cool but I'd still be happy with either.

Can't wait to find out

Hmm I had a dream I had a little boy with really blue eyes. I actually have a little girl with really blue eyes. Maybe the boy is yet to come for me lol.

Soo exciting for you smile

It was for me I felt like I was having a girl first time, I dreamt a lot of pushing a pram with pink blankets & introducing our daughter. We had a girl. Second time same thing except I felt like I was having a boy & was then introducing our son. We had a boy. When DS was about 8mths I had another dream of another little boy & he said mum tell Noah we will be together again soon, I then found out I was pregnant but unfortunately 2 miscarriages followed. So I think if I am lucky enough to fall pregnant again a little boy may be waiting to join us smile
I had a dream with my last bubs that it was a boy. The dream was so vivid and real I knew it was right. I was only about 8 weeks at the time too. I woke up and told my husband we were having a boy and no one could convince me otherwise even though they all thought girl. Sure enough at my 20 week scan he was a boy, I just said I knew that already lol

When I was pregnant with DS, I would dream a few times a week that we had a baby boy. And sure enough, he was a boy! I wonder if that was just because we already had a girl and was expecting a boy.
Wow haha interesting. See you never know. I can't wait to find out.

The other thing is in last nights dream I was breast feeding after I had it! That was pretty graphic lol....

I had a very graphic dream towards the end of my pregnancy. I cut myself open, pulled him out, checked him over & then stuffed him back in. I woke in such a panic I actually thought I had cut myself. So weird smile
That is so weird!! The dream was wrong but the night before the 20 week scan her name kept on coming to me...I just knew she was going to be a girl and what her name was going to be even then.

Pregnancy dreams are so strange! I'm 13 weeks now and at about 9 weeks dreamt I had a girl a week after I went on maternity leave that weighed 8.1pounds. Was so specific...strange. Then the other night I had another strange dream that I was breast feeding a cat :/ but then my baby was hungry and I was like I can't breast feed the baby on the same side as the cat was feeding! lol grossed me out a bit when I woke up.
Hehehe at the breastfeeding cat. Eww.

During both of my pregnancies I dreamt Id had boys. Both were very vivid and clear and both were right.

In my last pregnancy, my 2nd son, I dreamt that we had gone to the hospital to have the baby car seat put in, was stressing because I thought they had put a tracker in the seat ( wtf ) then it flipped to me having the baby, a boy who was very hairy and looked like a monkey ( again wtf ). I then suddenly had another baby, a bigger baby and promptly told me husband that it was ok we didnt need that one and could give it to his sister ( who already has 2 girls ) so so strange, but both times correct on the sex of my kids.

Just to note, my 2nd son who is now just over 2 adores monkeys and cant get enough of them!!
In the early weeks of my pregnancy before my 20 week scan I dreamed every so often that I was having a little girl. It was a girl every time, and i also dreamed that I had her very early too. So in my dream she was always so tiny. Lo and behold.... my scan revealed we had girl; on the way! She is now 4 and a half months and an absolute treasure!
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